Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Joe feels like he and other Rays fans keep getting kicked in the balls with these walk-off losses, last night a painful grand slam in Baltimore.

Is this some form or cruel payback from the baseball gods? It shouldn’t be, the Rays’ lineup and watching Matt Joyce play the outfield should be enough torture.

Last night, it was four solo shots from the good guys in the 10-6 loss. Bad luck, or Rays baseball? Regardless, the baserunners weren’t there to cash in and the Rays paid dearly.

Winless David Price pressed on with his bad season, and again Fernando Rodney was absent (see Tuesday) in a critical spot.

Rodney on his ass in key spots makes zero sense, and Joe’s confident there’s a problem. If that’s not fixed, you can go ahead and bury your postseason hopes.








  1. Tone says:

    There are no post-season hopes; the other teams in this division are much better. This team is not good.

  2. Don says:

    85 Pitches is enough for Price (he wasn't his cy young Self), So lets go with Mcgee, Wright, Gomes, what do you think Maddon?

  3. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    There are post season hopes.

    The season is young and no one is running away with the AL East this year as the teams have enough parity to ensure the cannibalization of the division.

    Furthermore, the Rays have started to show the power that they've lacked to this point- once the pitchers start to regain confidence in the offense (which will still be somewhat anemic, but serviceable) they can stop pressing and the 2013 Rays will look very similar to the 2011 Rays. They've got talent waiting in the wings and nowhere left to go but up.

    Remember all of the season simulations that showed a consensus of around 88-90 wins... those simulations are quite reliable.

    All that being said, they are far from a good offensive team, but in the long, drawn-out baseball season hope should spring eternal... or at least until July.


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