Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Matt Moore winning and dominating in his first four starts is really the stuff Rays fans rightly fantasized about this offseason. Moore had the big late-season/playoff splash in 2011, struggled through a decent rookie campaign last year, and now he’s on fire.

But this is how it was supposed to be. Moore was destined by the lefty baseball gods to follow the David Price path and break out in this his third season with the big club.

Making it extra special is Moore’s history of starting slowly. Tonight’s 2-hitter, a 5-1 Rays win against the Yanks, sent Moore’s April ERA down to 1.04. Even spotted a four-run lead in the first inning, he stayed out of trouble, continuing to conquer his past demons.

So often throughout baseball history stars seem to magically align for players or teams in a given season, and while Joe’s still playing wait-and-see with the Rays overall, it’s impossible not to keep dreaming about what Moore might accomplish. If Jim Hickey can keep Moore confident and focuses, there’s really no limit.





  1. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    Moore has been nothing short of amazing thus far.

    Tonight was another great game, and suddenly those who 5 short days ago proclaimed that there "are no post-season hopes" and "this team is not good" have found themselves tongue-tied.

    A series win against New York and April will wind down pretty much how most people would have imagined, although this team is most certainly capable of (and destined to have) another offensive drop-off that will drive everyone crazy.

  2. Don says:

    Moore moves to the front of the bus......Rays new "ACE" of the pitching Staff,
    Price your up...still time for "best Pitcher in baseball"..... well lets See...
    Roberts solidifies an infield spot on the Rays, but I guess for $3mil he had it anyway...Sorry Rodriquez....maybe that last roster spot...Sabathia looked like the bag man with that uniform hanging off that new sleek body...

    • Bill says:

      Its arguable that Fuld is the last roster spot. Definitely Sean Rod or Fuld I think.

      CC's jammys just didn't fit last night, did they. You'd think with his big contract he could pay for a new uni if the Yanks won't get him one.

  3. Bill says:

    Been gone for a while... family issue to deal with. All good now. Good to see bats waking up.

    Only thing I have to add to Mr. Smith's comment is that Moore has been amazing in the results, yet he still has room to improve. Command is still a bit off, but he finds a way to befuddle the hitters. This kid will be special.

    I was down on him in ST and I was wrong. Heck, I was down on him last night when he walked the lead off... and I was wrong!

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Hope all is well with the family, Bill.
      I agree with you Moore has to be able to make his "on the fly" adjustments a bit more quickly than the 8+ pitches it's currently taking him.

  4. Miguel Grande says:

    Focus is the key for Moore. Hickey is great, too bad he's not the hitting coach.

  5. Don says:

    Hickey is doing his job...."great"??? Poker is an easy game when your dealt 4 Aces....I had great focus at 23 yo. booze, Broads and making money....Whats wrong with you Moore? least you got one of them, well probably two...


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