Yeah, it’s easy to bag on the umpires for a truly rotten call in the ninth, somehow hallucinating that Dirtbag passed up Zorilla on the basepaths, but damn, if Dirtbag’s near-homer off the wall in center was just a few inches longer, we may still be playing.

Neither episode sticks in Joe’s craw than the enabling of Chris Davis, who apparently is the new Barry Bonds and Albert Pujols combined. Like opposing managers used to do to Bonds and Pujols when they were on a tear, they’d have the pitcher throw four wide if a base was open. Better a walk than an extra-base hit.

Somehow, this procedure isn’t found in the spreadsheets which litter the Rays offices.

Speaking of hits, Joe would bury Davis each time he came to the plate for crowding. Of course, like the rest of society, we’re too soft. And Merlot Joe doesn’t want to be disturbed for his requisite postgame glass of wine.



  1. Ken says:

    We hit him once. I'm surprised that one didn't hit the knob of the bat and squeak just inside of third. Lucky to get away 1-2. Orioles will return to earth soon.

  2. Dave L says:

    In the game I watched all our pitchers repeatedly tried to pitch Davis inside and move him back. if by bury you mean drill him in the back I'm glad you aren't our manager. Maybe Bobby V would agree with you.... I dont think any of his bombs were even strikes.

    Kinda hard to pin this on Maddon? The other team is just as good as us and sometimes they make plays.

    I'm with Ken. They played better than us while we played pretty well. We were alot closer to 0-3 than 2-1.

  3. Joe D. says:

    I didn't watch the game but listens to it on the radio, if Andy and Dave called it right, Davis got plunked in the hip as the Rays worked him inside, I believe his next AB was a two run double... I believe in game 1 the Rays granted Weiters an IBB, and Davis smacked a 3 run homer, so 2 days ago the IBB didn't pay off...

  4. Andy says:

    And, don't forget Ramos got Davis on a squibber back to the mound on a very inside pitch! Also, you can't accuse the team management as being opposed to IBB's when Maddon intentionally walked Hamilton once when the bases were loaded, and didn't live to regret it!! Rays were just outplayed this series 🙁

  5. Don says:

    Longoria passed a base runner about a year ago did he learn anything?
    How about men on 3rd/2nd no outs, HR hitter coming to the plate..6to3
    Our "Team Leader" has Mental Problems, Shields called it correct yesterday,
    Wanting to be a "leader" doesn't make you one...wake up

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Yes Longoria learned something... As a little league player he learned to hustle around first on a hit with two outs- especially one all the way to the wall. Yes, he should have seen that Zorilla played it wrong and adjusted his speed, but Zorilla is the one who made the glaring mistake... AND, let's not forget, he DID NOT PASS HIM!!!!!

      The only thing that annoys me more than you is the fact that I can't find a way to ignore you!

      • Don says:

        Are you blind or stupid? about girls vollyball, do you know anything about that, you mised Little League Practice if you passed anybody on the bases.....Longo did too..


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