Today’s game at Fenway Park is the first home game for the Red Sox since the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this week. And after the second suspect was caught last night, the game became a ceremony to celebrate Boston, the first responders, and honor the victims (you can see images of the celebration here).

And so, you would think this would be the last place for somebody to take a shot at the attendance for Rays games. But that didn’t stop Peter Gammons, who is no stranger to taking shots at Rays fans.

His latest dig came during a discussion about how well some of the Red Sox new players were bonding with the city of Boston and how they are quickly learning that it is better to be in Boston than “in front of 8,000 [fans] in Tampa.”

Other than the fact Rays haven’t played in front of 8,000 in years and the fact Rays don’t play in Tampa, what is really awful about this comment is that a lot more than 8,000 Rays fans stood and gave Gammons’ city a standing ovation last night.

Here’s the video…



  1. Rick says:

    It doesn’t matter what critics say. Even if we sold out every home game for the year, they would still say we have awful attendance. Go back to focusing on what your good at Peter, doing baseball analysis. Not taking cheap shots at another team’s attendance.

    • KT says:

      On said baseball analysis: he’s not even good at that so he’s gotta find other things to talk about. Guy is a Boston homer and a bumbling fool and has been for a long time.

  2. Dave L says:

    Oh really Peter? Ask Carl Crawford if it is

  3. Tacoby says:

    Woah now. There are almost more comments in this article then fans attending ballgames in Florida.

    • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

      Hilarious. I’d rather be surrounded by “8000″ Floridians than 30000 Bostonian Douchebags… how do ya like them apples?

      • Tacoby says:

        You just proclaimed people from Florida aren’t douchebags. Amazing. Enjoy your bizzaro logic in a state which doesn’t support their professional sporting teams, troll.

        • KT says:

          Sure thing, Trollcoby

        • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

          Did you come trolling on our Rays site then have the audacity to call me a troll?
          Oh wait, you probably don’t know what audacity means, so let me rephrase; you come on our site and have the balls to call me a troll?
          Hey Kettle, this is Tacoby- you’re black.

    • Ricky C says:

      How’s that Fenway “sellout” streak going. The again any sellout streak is perfect for Boston fans as they are the quickest to jump off any bandwagon regardless of how fast the bandwagon wheels are turning. Go away

  4. ed says:

    I wonder if he noticed how many people were at the orioles games , probably not.

  5. Dave L says:

    We will be there tonite with the other 7,998 fans.

    Looking to extend the hot streak to 2

    • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

      Enjoy. I had all intentions of going to tonight’s game, but “the best intentions of mice and Rays fans…”

  6. Don says:

    I’ll bet you he couldn’t tell you how Many Were at the Orioles/ Rays Thur I will 13,000 and change, how many years baseball in Baltimore?
    The only thing worse than morons like him saying anything is that it gets repeated and reported as some important information from some expert/insider
    A sad state of affairs…

  7. Lane Meyer says:

    I think the stroke is causing Petie’s mind to go around the bend. Maybe he should also comment about how Boston has had artificial sellouts for the last several seasons. If you’re going to be that much of a homer on a day like that, you have no business doing national commentary. He should just sit in the booth with Jerry Remy and pucker up to Ortiz like he does.

  8. Bryan N says:

    Really Peter ? The Red Sox have been around for a hundred years, you have generations of assholes, who have grown up with the Sox. Fenway is a great place for many generations of assholes to congregate. We have been around for just over one generation and have been to the World Series almost as much as the Red Sox. We have one generation of children that can call the Rays their team, give us slittle time.Plus summer we can finally go out and enjoy our state, when you rude assholes from the north finally go back to your state for the summer.

  9. Zach says:

    Why would… that doesn’t even… how is that relevant to anything?

  10. gotbbux says:

    Peter, go back to the $20 bill!!! Think about it…or pull out a 20 spot and tell me that is not HIM, and NOT Andrew Jackson, you Chowda!!

  11. formattedfire says:

    Boston attendance sucked in the 1980′s into the early 90′s, Peter. Baseball attendance is down league-wide. Baltimore had 13 k vs. the Rays the other night. The NE media is obviously biased and ignorant when it comes to attendance.

    EVEN our resident Yankees fan Don knows how many there were in Baltimore the other night ;)

  12. frank eagle says:

    It’s okay, y’all. He must been talking about Steinbrenner Field. And it’s true, Fenway is better than any ballpark in Tampa.

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