In the top of the sixth inning with a runner on first, two outs, and the Rays trailing the Red Sox by a run, Evan Longoria hit a groundball up the middle and appeared to beat the throw to first. However the ump called Longo out.

At that point, Longoria lost it, slamming his helmet and yelling at the umpire. He’s lucky he wasn’t ejected and apparently did receive a warning. Here’s the play. The image below shows Longoria was indeed safe…

Evan Longoria



  1. Ken says:

    I finally figured out what the problem is with regard to the offense. Maddon keeps referring to the fact that we’re coming up short by a point or two. Shelton then interprets that to mean a hit is a point, a walk is a 1/2 point and coaches accordingly. The players then get confused. Joe, runs win ball games not points. Got it?

  2. Lane Meyer says:

    I think the biggest point is the umpires keep screwing us.

  3. Ricky C says:

    Keep up the anti-instant replay fight Selig. Your beloved umpires are making you look senile

  4. chris says:

    With this call and the no-call on strike 3 on Pedroia in the 9th and the umps stuck it to the Rays twice today. It’s hard enough for this team to score enough to win without the umps taking runs off the board (or points as Maddon likes to say for some strange reason)

    • Marc says:

      Lets not forget though, he never called that third strike(that first one, not the second, the second was a ball) on Longo before his missed call.

  5. Don says:

    Longoria has come close to going off on non performing Players and some of Maddons decisions…the Day he does I will have more respect for him as a “leader” since Shields & BJ no longer have bad attitudes in the clubhouse and Things are better…. Some times things come back to Haunt you…just saying…

    • Rob says:

      I agree with you that he has come close to calling someone out. I read in the Times he said, “maybe the players just need to make that decision themselves” when referring to laying down a sac bunt. I was a little surprised this didn’t get more play actually.

    • Andy says:

      Let’s remember, he was the one who called out BJ – w/o any hesitation – so he has exercised his leadership in the past. With this bunch, either he may not know them well enough, and/or there’s too damn many to call out!! SMH!!!

  6. formattedfire says:

    lol Don, so Longoria should show a bad attitude now? That’s leadership? No, his leadership is shown through his actions on the field.

  7. Leah says:

    The call is wrong, but we should be scoring more than 1-2 runs a game.

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