Hawk Harrelson is universally accepted as the worst broadcaster in sports. But if there is one thing he does that we can enjoy is when the opposition hits a big home run.

He just sounds so miserable…



  1. Kyle Harris says:

    LOL! He SUCKS!

  2. KT says:

    To call Hawk a "broadcaster" is way too friendly. The guy is like a 5 year old boy watching his favorite team, that someone hid a microphone on for kicks.

  3. sidearmjustice says:

    If you're a White Sox fan, you love him, if you're not, you despise him. This is why, as a Rays fan, I never watch a White Sox broadcast with Hawk on the job. But, Hawk is a White Sox fan first and foremost, and those on the southside love him so let's leave it at that.

  4. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Homeruns are exciting, they provide a brilliant spark to a game that can, at times, be boring or mundane (not to say that a good pitching duel isn't equally fun to watch, baseball simply has a lot of "stalled-out" moments).

    This is something that Dewayne Staats deserves more credit for. He perks up and calls home runs with the amount of excitement they deserve whether it be hit by the Rays or the opponent.
    Whenever I listen to other games it becomes blatantly obvious how lucky we as Rays fans are to have him in the booth.

    • KT says:

      Agreed! That's what a broadcaster is supposed to do. You should know the magnitude of what happened by just listening to it. That's why Hawk is merely a fan with a microphone, and not a broadcaster.


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