We have already seen the atrocious call that ended tonight’s game. Joe Maddon said “that can’t happen in a Major League game.” Joe Nathan, who can be seen saying “wow” after the pitch, said after the game “I might have been the last guy on the field to realize the game was over.” After the game, the umpire, Marty Foster, admitted he blew the call.

Here is video of the play, including Maddon going ballistic…



  1. DRR says:

    What homer announcers. "It was near the corner"?

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    To claim that Fox Trax shows this pitch as near the outside corner shows this announcer needs to be replaced too.

  3. Miguel Grande says:

    There is no excuse with the technology today to continue to blow calls like this. When I see a professional umpire or referee make horrific calls, I think "point shaving" or maybe an umpire who has an alcohol addiction needs to end the game early to get a drink or has already been drinking.

    Football has limited replay challenges, baseball needs them. Now! Today!


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