Mark TeixeiraThe Yankees are having a rough Spring Training as Mark Teixeira is the latest big bat to find his way to the sideline with an injury. Teixeira suffered a strained right wrist and will be out of action for 8-10 weeks. Once the season starts, he will be joined on the DL by Curtis Granderson (broken arm) and Alex Rodriguez (hip surgery).

In all, Yankees on the DL to start the season will make $65.5 million in 2013, which is more than the entire Rays roster ($61.3 million).

And the injuries will affect the Yankees power the most. The Yankees will not have eight players on their opening day roster (via injury or moved to other teams) that combined to hit 179 of their 245 home runs in 2012.

So when you see a Yankees fan today, stop and give them a hug. Or laugh. Whichever you prefer.



  1. Bill says:

    Just seeing this headline made me laugh so hard my abs hurt! However...

    Be prepared Rays fans. Assuming the Yankees do have a tough season for them as many predict, it only means the fans will be reverting to their old fallback postion: "Got Rings"? To which I usually reply, "Got Class"?

  2. Dave L says:

    There is an X-rays update in this Cork

    If the season were to start today...

    The Yankees starting 1st baseman would be.....

    (Drum roll please)

    Dan Johnson!!!!

    (Rim Shot to finish)

    Unfortunately they will probably trade to get another seasoned guy

    • CRRaysHead90 says:

      or fortunately, depending on your perspective about it. I for one don't want to see The Great Pumpkin in a game that means something in a Yankees uni.

  3. robert mitchell says:

    Get the Branyman [muscle Branyan]into camp to compensate for the loss of Tex for 2 months or more,if[big if] if his back is ok.Russ has 8 homers in about 45 at bats! in the New Stadium including the 2 longest blasts there.1 OFF the windows on the Hard Rock Cafe[only player to clock 1 there]and of coarse the 1st moonshot in the upper tank there.Brany hit.310 at Scranton with 12 bing bongs and 40 ribs from June 1st until his back went out scratching out an infield bingle July 6,preventing his return the rest of the season.15TH all time in h.r. frequency,homer every 14.9 at bats.194 big flies in less than 3,000 ab's.

  4. Dave L says:

    In another X-Rays update, Shields and Davis are the only Royals starters to have 2 starts each and have so far scattered 3 hits each yielded zero walks or runs in 9 innings total while fanning 3 each.

    Of course no one questioned whether Davis could be effective for 3 innings. His fastball became electric when he went to the pen. The question is whether he can maintain velocity and control over 6 or 7 innings on a regular basis. He couldn't do it with the Rays and the Rays had guys coming up who could.

    Making the Royals as a #3 to 5 starter should not be as difficult a task as the alternatives are weaker.

  5. Beazy says:

    Seems like the there's a injury bug that goes bounces around to a different team in the AL East every year, the Sox 2 years ago, us last year, now the Yanks...

  6. Lane Meyer says:

    Cork has their ever been a study regarding games lost to injury based on the average age of the roster? The Yankees have an older roster and sans PEDs, breakdowns among older players may revert back to 1970s levels.


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