Wil MyersJohn Tomase of the Boston Herald spoke with Rays’ top prospect Wil Myers about how he nearly ended up with the Red Sox on more than one occasion. And Myers’ response suggests he is either overly polite or hasn’t quite embraced being a Ray yet…

“I definitely wouldn’t have minded coming to Boston, that’s for sure…Hitting there in Fenway every day would be nice. But you know how the game is. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Myers does add later that it is “awesome to be part of [the Rays] organization,” but that he had mixed feelings about leaving the Royals because they were the team that gave him his shot. Still, you can tell there is a small part of Myers that wishes he could play in Fenway…

“I knew the Red Sox were interested [in drafting me]…I had talked to the area scout (Quincy Boyd) and cross checker (Mike Rikard) quite a bit. I went up to Boston for a predraft workout and was hitting in Fenway by myself with the front office. It was really cool.”

File that quote under “Things prospects don’t say about Tropicana Field.”



  1. Scott Cotgreave says:

    sounds like an arrogant ass to me...

  2. Dave L says:

    Hey cmon its our wedding night. Now is not the time to go back and rehash every crush and girlfriend he ever had. They had thier chance and they blew it. He's all ours now.....

    And we control him for how many years?

    Fenway is a historic baseball place. He's pretty savy building his brand IMO. He knew he was being interviewed by a myopic Bosox writer whos readers want to know how everything revolves around the Sox. No big deal.

  3. Steve S says:

    Sounds like a kid that still loves the game to me...

    Fenway is one of the great ballparks that kids dream of playing in when they are growing up. The Green Monster is the most noteworthy aspect of any ballpark in use for in the past fifty years. What kid doesn't dream of hitting homeruns over the that wall.

    It's not a bash to the organization. The Rays have become one of the best organizations in baseball but the ballpark just doesn't have the same history or character. I don't think many kids dream of bouncing one off the catwalk for an in the park homer!

  4. Don says:

    Whats a $100mil or so, maybe he realized he's in financial limbo in Tampabay
    as opposed to a baseball "Idol"in Boston


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