Let’s take one last look at the spring playing time and see if it gives us some insight into what Joe Maddon is thinking as we head towards the regular season.

Playing time is broken down to the early innings (1-5) and the later innings (6+). This is important because playing time early in the game means the player is more likely to face big league competition. And if Maddon thinks a player is ready for the big league roster, or if Maddon wants to see if a player is ready, that player will see more playing time early (our notes on the table can be found below)…


Notes on the table…

  • James Loney will be the most-days 1B. But it seems clear that we will also see others on occasion, especially against lefties and possibly as late-game pinch-hitters.
  • Kelly Johnson will likely be the second baseman against righties. After that, things get messy. But if Sean Rodriguez is in LF against lefties, that means Ryan Roberts is at 2B against lefties. Of course, Johnson has fairly even splits, so he could see time against lefties also. And all of this changes when Wil Myers is promoted, presumably moving Ben Zobrist back to the infield and Matt Joyce to left field.
  • Ben Zobrist is the backup SS. Notice Sean Rodriguez has not played SS at all this spring.
  • It looks like Ryan Roberts will be the backup 3B on days that Evan Longoria needs a turn at DH.
  • LF should be Sam Fuld’s against righties now that he is healthy. After that, it just depends on matchups and what Joe Maddon wants to do at 2B. Knowing Maddon, it will get creative.


  1. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    So Niemann to the 'pen is official, and the apologists can give up their fight. Good call, Prof.
    Still any chance he gets traded before Tuesday (20%?)?

    • Alex Martell says:

      I'd say less than 20... There just really isn't a market for him yet, for the Rays to snag talent, if he were dealt.


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