The Rays had a promotion last season in which people could bring their dogs to the game. So when we got an email from the Rays announcing a “District K-9” section for opening day, we assumed they were doing the same thing again.

Instead, the Rays will be selling tickets to sections 132 and 134 for $50. The ticket will come with a t-shirt and a “K-card.”

The release does not explain why they chose “K-9” as a name. But the logo (see below) appears to suggest that the name is in honor of Price’s dog Astro. However, the name sounds more like they only want Price to strike out nine batters.

And what does this say about ticket sales for opening day that they need a promotion? Not good.

District K-9



  1. Alex says:

    I'm pretty sure upper deck tickets are pretty much the only thing available at this point for opening day


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