Wil-MyersThe Rays today announced that they have optioned Brandon Guyer and Josh Lueke to the minors and reassigned Wil Myers, Juan Sandoval, Wil Inman, and JD Martin to minor league camp*.

Myers is not a surprise. The only question is when will he be back.

Lueke’s demotion does clear up the battle for the final spot in the bullpen. With two spots open, it is assumed Jamey Wright will get one and Lueke was a strong candidate for the other spot.

But with Lueke gone, the final spot is probably down to Jeff Niemann or Brandon Gomes (if Niemann is traded), unless Andrew Friedman picks up another reliever before the season starts.

* The difference between Guyer/Lueke and the others is that Guyer and Lueke are on the 40-man roster. It requires the Rays to use a minor league option to send them to the minors. A team can only use options on a player in three different seasons.



  1. Cj says:

    Keep up the good reassignments And please keep Leslie Anderson

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      Too bad he can’t field. If he hit righty, he’d probably make the 25 man roster but they already have enough lefty 1B and OF prospects. He’s a goner.

  2. Don says:

    End of torture for Myers, G.Brett wins the “he needs more
    work prediction”… more waiting for Rays fans as Stuie picks up an option year or two….MAYBE some help later….we will See who he could replace….not ZO, Not Jennings……hey Joyce..Hows that LH pitching (hitting) coming along?
    you know Brignac?

    • Bill says:

      George Brett wins ? That is the most moronic, feral, nondiscerning statement you’ve made yet. Everyone has known Myers was starting in Durham this year. I don’t know who is the bigger moron, but probably me for even thinking you will use reason one day.

      • Geoff Peterson says:

        LOL Bill, you should know better than to expect sense from Donny Doom. Since Meyers has only played about 90 games at AAA, it is the place he belongs. It has absolutely nothing to do with option years or a butthurt old man like Brett doing Monday morning quarterbacking. When he comes up, he would more likely replace someone like Sean Rod or Roberts given they will see spot duty in the OF along with Zobrist. I hope it’s Roberts as he is virtually useless

        • Bill says:

          Donny Doom, love it. Sometimes I think he isn’t real, but is Cork’s alter ego stirring things up here. I wouldn’t say Roberts is useless, but I do think Sean has more upside. Of course it’s all academic if an injury happens to an outfielder.

          • Lane Meyer says:

            I like Sean better than Roberts for his defense and righty bat. Neither has set the world on fire at the plate but Sean can do more things.

      • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

        Bill, it amazes me how two logical, baseball-savvy gentlemen like us can continue to be annoyed, bothered, or burdened by Don– he has a special je ne sais quoi that gets my goad… ju
        st wait until the Rays are 12 games over .500 and he’s still on here questioning Maddon’s every move- then we can justify our annoyance.

        • angry buddha says:

          Looks like everyone is rounding into form. Don’s preseason work shows that he’s clearly ready for Opening Day.

  3. Ken says:

    Serious decisions in the next week for the Rays brass. Myers to AAA a smart move. Let him relax and get his mojo on. Other decisions not so clear. Gimenez or Lobaton? I favor Gimenez, more upside offense. Niemann/Hernandez for the 5 spot? Niemann has pitched better but has more trade value. I’d keep Gomes and dispatch Wright, and Lueke would be first up. Fuld/Duncan, another tough call. SRod could be the next Fuld and Duncan has more pop and is a RH hitter. Strongest camp in recent years. Go Rays.

    • Bill says:

      I’m in the Giminez camp too. Definitely more offensive upside. But also more position versatility, which Maddon must love.

    • Lane Meyer says:

      Unless the Rays keep Anderson or Duncan on the 25 man roster, I think you can make a case for Joe keeping Giminez AND Lobaton, especially if they start the year with 11 pitchers, but even with 12 it works.

  4. Beth says:

    I was a little surprised about Guyer, but I guess they’ll bring him back when Fuld’s “day to day” hamstring problem puts him on the DL to start the season.

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