1. Don says:

    Gotta be a factory (somewhere) that they just Clone them off the assembly line...she fits the mold...

  2. Emory Carney says:

    Wow, pretty, smart and articulate. She doesn't simply ask the bubble gum questions like to others. This girl knows her sports...

  3. ScottB says:

    Let me see...Channel 10 in Miami, NFL network, TBS, ACC network to sideline reporter for the Rays. Where's the next step down to after this?

  4. formattedfire says:

    There is a factory somewhere Don that makes your Viagra pills πŸ˜‰

    I can see Don as the Rays sideline reporter interviewing Rays players, and anally asking each one of them if Stu is a tightass, lmao!

    • Don says:

      If I did the sideline reporting, TV viewing would double, I would want to know WHY Maddon and coaches, management, players did certain things made certain decisions, Questions you will never hear from our reporters, listen to NASH, and document the first "WHY" question...... and Not Why do you eat at Mcdonalds..Peralta

      • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

        Ok so let's imagine a world where Donnie Downer is the Rays' sideline reporter:

        Don: Why do you suck at being a manager, Joe?

        JoMa: Who the F are you? You don't know anything about baseball, you're obviously a closeted Sox fan, and did I mention that you obviously know nothing about how baseball operates?

        Don: Yeah, but, but... I love trolling around blogs and trying to fool everyone into believing that I have an amazing knack for seeing through the veil of lies that the rest of the world is blinded by.


        Don: Yes I do! Just answer a question with a good, logical explanation and I'll simply disagree with you as a means of trying to sound insightful.

        JoMa: Wait, aren't the sideline reporters usually at least 5'8"? How'd this troll get in here... SECURITY!!

        • Don says:

          SEE how blind maddon sited you are, try these:
          2012:WHY Joe why would you hit Pena 2nd when he is a high strike out man, can't run, can't sacrifice, seems like there are better options, What about it Joe?
          2013 WHY Joe would let Gimenez & Duncan go back to the minors when you haven't been able to Score runs, seems like they would be useful on offense don't you think Joe?
          10,000 fans want to know but NASH or any of our media won't ask......I would be the best thinthat happened to reporting...

          • formattedfire says:

            Don, Pena was batting No. 2 early on in the season a) because he was hot early-on b) injuries. As the season moved-on, Pena was moved down the line-up. was eventually out of the line-up towards the end of the season when he wasn't playing well. Pena needed to be benched, and Maddon benched Pena. As far Giminez and Duncan being shipped to the minors, they are being sent because they can be sent back due to options. That's not soley Maddon's call anyhow, Friedman and Co. have a hand in it. I am sure Joe would love to have at least Giminez on the roster, but Lobaton is out of options. That's not the role of a sideline reporter, anyhow Don, you slay me. That's a question for the local mic and pen club.

  5. Bill says:

    Good for you Kelly.

  6. GW says:

    Surprised that Rhino just uses Don as his handle on this site. He should be using DonKnowsBaseball with that other bird disappearing from the AOL board. Alzheimer's must be creeping into my memory banks as I seem to recall how much he loved Pena and BJ, even with their combined total of nearly 350 strikeouts....most of which buzz killed the majority of scoring opportunities.

    Go the pennant and the Fairgrounds!

  7. Emory Carney says:

    Hi Guys,

    On Friday night a buddy of mine found Kelly's new abode in Tampa which was advertised on Craig's List. The home's owner is looking for a roommate and you can live with Kelly for only $600.00 monthly and share Kelly's gorgeous 3200 square foot two story house.

    It looks like she has nice taste in cars and she drives a really nice bright red Audi.


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