Nippon TV is selling a Hideki Matsui commemorative retirement stamp collection. It appears from the images below that there are 22 stamps in all, with 11 featuring his time playing in Japan and the other 11 recounting his time with Major League Baseball.

And yes, two of the stamps show Matsui in his Rays uniform, a team for which he played 34 games and hit just two of his 507 professional home runs (via





  1. Don says:

    Leave it to the Japanese to torture us Americans, wasn't Pearl Harbor enough?

  2. Russ says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your insights. You sound like a kindred soul, what with our near identical brands of "humor". If you're not free (which I'm sure you are - I mean, come on), I'd love to escort you to this fine piece of cinema. I just KNOW you will enjoy it deeply on a lot of levels :


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