The Dominican Republic is just good enough to keep needing Fernando Rodney in the 9th inning…



  1. Bill says:

    8 now. I am trying to convince myself that we're just looking at a lack of ingenuity and confidence in other players by the DR coaches. Ether way, it's over.

    For those who commented on other threads that this tournament doesn't matter, I have to say it does. It's purpose is to build international baseball markets. It did that, especially in Latin America and the Caribean. It was important to them. Might have done more in Asia had Korea or ChTpe gone further. Good for MLB. At the end of the day, the Rays could have said to Rodney that they didn't want him playing. They don't typically do that. And if they do, it is behind the scenes. I suspect they will take a harder look next time.

    For, Donny Doom, throwing one inning a day is a big deal when you're throwing 98. I've never done it, but I did hit 91 once or twice in college. It's not the same as playing fetch with your dog.

  2. Don says:

    Well ask Rodney if he is "Tired" I can give you the Answer,
    Rodney gets HIS "World Championship without the Rays but he had to over come those abusing Yankee managers....
    And Fans are shooting Arrows and "side winding" Hats all over the World...
    Good for you Rodney

    • Bill says:

      Well you're exposed, now. The one time you've ever had positive outlook about anything is something other Rays fans aren't positive about. Wait...delete the word "other" from that previous sentence.


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