Reliever Cesar Ramos has rejoined the Rays after a short stint with Team Mexico in the WBC and not before being involved in the ugly brawl between Mexico and Canada over the weekend. Luckily for the Rays, Ramos was not in the middle of the brawl. In fact, he was nowhere near the middle.

According to Marc Topkin of, Ramos was in the clubhouse, working out in shorts and a t-shirt when the brawl erupted…

“It was pretty crazy…Everything happened so quickly, I tried to put my uniform on but it was already in the wash. I didn’t want to be the guy standing inside watching it on TV, at least help out the teammates and try to calm things down. By the time I got there things were a little cool.”

Well, I went back to the tape (you can see my video of the brawl over at BI Sports). We first see what appears to be Ramos walking in slowly, approximately 1:08 after the brawl starts. Things are calming down, but there are still some shenanigans going on…

Cesar Ramos

Now Ramos is going to forcibly hold back a teammate that is nowhere near the action…

3-12-2013 8-32-58 AM

Ramos continues to push back the teammate that is clearly eager to get back in the middle and throw haymakers. Notice that Ramos is using his pitching arm…

3-12-2013 8-34-18 AM

I’m mostly just having a little fun with this. If Ramos was in the middle of the brawl nobody would be screaming louder than me. So yes, I am very happy that Ramos decided to take his peacemaker role so seriously.

I also love this because it reminds me a lot of Pat Burrell’s greatest moment with the Rays. That was the time benches cleared against the Indians and Burrell was in the clubhouse without pants on. Burrell went from no pants to in the middle of the scrum in 20 seconds.



  1. Don says:

    Ramos was in the clubhouse doing his laundry when his team was it a heated battle for survival in World Games, what has Maddon taught him how to handle those situations?

  2. Dave L says:

    As someone who is actually watching these games I can tell you Ramos pitched well for 2 innings where he allowed 1 single and retiring Morneau and Votto in succession. Then Cesar came out for the 3rd inning of relief and allowed a couple of baserunners and a run and was pulled.

    That was the takeaway from the game.

    For those of you who see only highlights you can't get a feel for the intensity level. Canada and Mexico both wanted to win and the brawl wasn't surprising watching it unfold at game speed.

    I was at the last mercy rule loss in Miami 4 years ago and I think its developing well for tonights rematch. Gio Roid Gonzales will have a chip on his shoulder after getting exposed and will be playing at home along with Hosmer. I dont expect to see JoMo unless PR gets a big lead.

    Its kind of weird that the focus is on the US and its being handcuffed by MLB players needing specific playing time. PR and DR are loaded with MLB players as well and they don't seem to be hindered by it. I think Torre is being lazy and could be more creative and still get guys playing time. I hope next time we get younger dynamic coaching that wants to win and bench coaches who break down the opponents weaknesses instead of just cheerlead like old Larry Bowa.

    Apparently im the only one in the Rays Index universe with MLB network on the box heheh. Its more interesting baseball that Phils v Nats at this point in the spring I can assure you.

    • Bill says:

      I've been watching every game. You accurately captured all my sentiments so far as well. Until those last few innings against Canada, it felt like the U.S. hitters were going up with the 90s/early 2Ks mentality of waiting until the long ball starts happening - which it wasnt. Meanwhile, opponents were slapping away and taking what we gave them. Torre sitting there watching it happen, with no creativity while the telecasters enjoyed talking about Bowa. Put Bowa on top of the dugout in skirt or a fuzzy mascot costume.

      Let's see if they make any adjustments this round.


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