uspw_6611226After hitting a home run in his previous at bat, Sean Rodriguez was hit in the back by Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves. According to reports from the game, Rodriguez was fine with the incident until he reached first base.

At that point, Aceves said something to Rodriguez, who then needed to be restrained from charging the mound. Rodriguez would not reveal what Aceves said. But if it was as dumb as what Aceves said after the game, it is understandable why Rodriguez would be upset.

Aceves was asked after the game about hitting Rodriguez (via…

“He got hit, by a pitch. It was obviously not intentional…The score was 3-2…He was mad because he got hit. It was obviously, like I said, not intentional. I understand his last at-bat he hit a homer. He probably thinks it was intentional. Like I said, 3-2 ballgame, you don’t want to get nobody on the bases and tie the game. “

So Aceves explanation of why it couldn’t be intentional was because the score was 3-2 in a game that doesn’t count? Idiot. He would have been better off just keeping his mouth shut.

Aceves is a known hot-head. Even the report by seems to lament the idea of having to deal with Aceves for another season…

“If anyone else had drilled Rodriguez, the incident likely would have flown under the radar, even if there were some words briefly exchanged. But because it was the always polarizing Aceves who did the plunking, everyone immediately assumed the worst, and we’re thus faced with another instance of “Alfredo being Alfredo”…Rodriguez was clearly frustrated, and he isn’t alone in that frustration. Aceves is a versatile pitcher who figures to be the Red Sox’ primary spot starter with Franklin Morales out, but the concerns about his behavior overshadow his potential value in the minds of many.”

So yeah, when your own hometown reporters are throwing you under the bus, it is pretty easy to see who was at fault here.



  1. Beth says:

    OK, Aceves is a hothead. But did NESN forget that the same Franklin Morales he is replacing was responsible for the most egregiously obvious hit-by-pitch last year when he hit Luke Scott -- one pitch after actually throwing behind his head? And then Morales managed to make things worse a few days later, hitting Will Rhymes on the arm -- an event made memorable when Rhymes then fainted into the arms of the first base coach.

    So, NESN, maybe own up to the fact that this is the way the Red Sox play.

  2. Bill says:

    Aceves was also one of the most violent actors in the recent WBC brawl. He's obviously bad news. But Sean should know that and not get riled up enough to approach him, especially from the bases. That will get you a suspension in the regular season for sure.

    • Dave L says:

      Yeah I forgot which Canadian gave him a nice judo trip takedown then he suffered a few more punches to the head in the brawl. The bosox fans will have him on the rotiserie slow cooking by mid season if things start to turn sour.

      Expect a full blown Aceves meltdown by mid July and the cannabalistic Sox fans will be eating his carcass with wild eyed glee.

      Hitting a guy for a home run in a spring training game? I am glad he's on their team.

  3. Don says:

    If I was Aceves I would have said " Why would I pitch Rodriquez inside, its the only pitch he can hit, Two inches outside he can't make contact" If I remember right Rodriquez lost a fight to a locker, that guy kicks his front of everyone


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