As many of you know I lived in New York City for a number of years during grad school and for a few years afterwards. During that time I would listen to “Mike and the Mad Dog,” the biggest sports radio show in the country.

Nowadays, “Mad Dog” Chris Russo has moved on to SiriusXM Radio. But Mike Francessa is still doing his thing. And mostly that includes yelling, talking down to callers, repeating himself over and over until he can come up with another thought, and babbling, lots of babbling.

Well, this afternoon, The Sports Pope was discussing the evil of long-term contracts in baseball when Evan Longoria’s latest deal came up. Francessa then took a moment to sing the praises of Stuart Sternberg. At least, that’s what I think he is doing. Anyway, if you have never listened to Francessa, here ya go…



  1. Don says:

    I think he said Stuie is a genius,of which he has no evidence, he retired before 40, probably news to stuie,hes still worrying about money, and if you don't screw the good players ie longo,strasburg, by giving them money to live on now (a few million) they won't screw you in the future, does he know any agents?...Longo got his "few Million" about 150 mil total, and stuie stays up at night trying to figure out how to pay him with small market attendance...a genius ..for sure..New York Mike

  2. Dave L says:

    I think Franscesa makes sense in this bit. He's better than most and spends much more time with those he disagrees with in serious debate than our local host here in Tampa. I watch his show sometimes on the Yes network and he is always praising the Rays way. He is 100% New York but the good confident type who while obviously invested in New York winning respects the opponents who beat them and gives them their just due.

  3. Tom says:

    Not a Franscesa fan, but I did not hear any babbling or anything incoherent in this piece.

  4. formattefire says:

    Don will never learn. He wishes this was 2005 all over again when Vince owned the team and his Yankees would come in here and own the place. Stu could pay Evan's contract right now and not lose any sleep. He's go millions of dollars in the bank, but he's smart enough to realize what the Rays are worth, and how much they spend, much to the chagrin on the Don. Don also forgets the tv contracts that are coming true in 2014, aye.


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