Here are a few links to get you through this President’s Day

  • Joel Peralta will not play in the WBC. Luckily for the Rays, Peralta’s curious neck injury happened just in time to keep him from pitching in the tournament. And luckily for Peralta, he now has a good excuse for not pitching for his country. It’s amazing how these things always seem to just work themselves out. []
  • Yunel Escobar talked to the media and used Jose Molina as his interpreter. This just means we should be skeptical of Escobar’s comments. Some might have sounded better than they really were. And others might have gone right past Molina all-together. []
  • Some cool Rays items up for auction over at, including BJ Upton’s Turn Back The Clock jersey, autographed. []
  • WDBB takes a look at where many of the 2012 Durham Bulls will be playing this season. [Watching Durham Bulls Baseball]
  • Mark Hendrickson is trying to turn himself into a sidearm pitcher for the Orioles. [BaltimoreSun]
  • The biggest sporting event of the weekend was the NBA’s All-Star game. Here’s a roundup of the most entertaining moments. [BI Sports]
  • Wes Walker to the Bucs? [JoeBucsFan]




  1. Don says:

    Rays play the media/fans like a bunch of chumps, Peralta's neck caper the last good one...
    Escobar is not one to bug about past BS stuff, he will crawl in a shell, and Maddon stop with the "Gold Glove Escobar" stuff, a guy like that sees right thru it..leave him alone and tell Sheldon not to give him any hitting tips....and he will help you

  2. Sarah says:

    See, this is why the Rays need Carlos Pena! He was always available to interpret for the Spanish-speaking players and from what I could tell from my limited Spanish, he did a good job.

    • Don says:

      $7mil is a lot of money for an interpeter, can Pena clean toilets...don't know what else we could "need" him for....

  3. Alex says:

    Hope Escobar does well here and we can keep him for a few years (he has 2 options for $5 million right?). How is it that a guy that's been in the majors for 6+ years plus all the time in the minors can't learn enough English to competently speak on his own at times?


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