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  • Carl Crawford admits that he regretted signing with the Red Sox while he was still in Boston. [LA Times]
  • Joe Maddon says he considers Roberto Hernandez to be a starting pitcher “right now.” []
  • Looks like David Price picked up a new endorsement deal. He is wearing a hat for Electric Vision, the same company James Shields endorsed. [Marc Topkin]
  • Wil Myers was impressive in his first go taking batting practice. []
  • Here’s a short video of Wil Myers discussing his first day with the Rays. []
  • The Yankees have finally run out of numbers for the players. [BI Sports]
  • Anybody want to see Chris Gimenez singing? Neither do we. But apparently these are going to be shown on the videoboard during games this season. [FoxSportsFlorida]
  • Unfortunately, Stephanie Katz didn’t make it to the MLB Fan Cave. []
  • Is LeGarrette Blount still a character risk? [JoeBucsFan]
  • Evan Longoria was interviewed for something called “Crave Online” during a release of “Black Ops II”…





  1. Don says:

    Tell Crawford every time he "Regrets" signing... look at his bank account for the next 50 years.....99.9% of the world population would spend 2 years in a hell whole City named "Boston".for $140mil.
    Relax Carl, now go to LA and play for Magic Johnson, and have Fun and a good chance to win a WS ring, better than being underpaid in Tampabay, wouldn't you think?

    • Bill says:

      For once I tend to agree with you, Don. Is it raining where you are?

      Only thing we don't know is, did he have an offer that was slightly less, but at a better place, and that's what he regrets. Either way, he is in a better place now, with all of the money. One year in a hell hole and another on the DL is a low price to pay.

      Poor Carl seems to have a problem figuring out what to say when he gets into new digs. He left here beloved. And then he made a stupid foot in mouth statement trying in vain to win over the beanies. Something like, "This is where I always wanted to be" or "where my heart was" or something. Alienated half or more of the Rays fans instantly. I think he's just not bright enough to figure out something to say that will endear him to his new city without alienating the other. The answer is simple. Don't say anything. Just play like you can and the rest takes care of itself.

  2. Dave L says:

    Yes Hernandez was brought here to compete for a starter's role.

    Whoever falters ends up opening the season on the DL, whether he's actually injured or not as insurance for the rotation.

    Archer and Odorizzi have a very small chance of making the rotation out of the spring. Both will get injury call-ups this year when the competition is weak.

    I have finally figured out the Kelly Johnson situation.

    The Rays plan for Zobrist to be the almost everyday 2nd baseman and Johnson will platoon in RF and spot start 2nd occasionally.

    Why? Zobrist is a great 2nd baseman with huge range while Johnson is ho hum.

    Maddon wants to get back to the radical shifting of early 2012 which has tempered later by lousy glove play in the infield.

    With Loney-Zobrist-Escobar-Longo (healthy) infield its ++++ all the way around with great range.

    With a Ted Williams lefty shift do you want to see Kelly in shallow left standing in front of Ben or vice versa? Its a no brainer.

    The big question is if Tat man can flash the glove as Longos backup to keep up. I dont expect Evan to play more than 110 to 120 games at third.

    Remember you heard it here first.

    Zobrist will anchor 2nd for 2013's Maddon Tectonic shift 2.0.

    • Bill says:

      Lot of implications and assumptions about what you said. But I think you may be on to something. Btw - Did you mean to say Kelly in shallow right in front of Zobrist or vice versa?

      Longo taking a lot of games at DH, esp with lefty pitchers makes a lot sense. No way they are counting on Luke every day.

      Only thing I question about all of this is, why do people seem to completely leave SRod out ? He had an off year defensively. But I attribute that to getting moved around so much. And I don't know enough about Roberts to want to guess who has a better chance of finally coming around with the bat. I still think Sean has more potential and with some adjustments could come around. Either way, he still hits lefties.

      • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

        SRod is a liability in the field AND his lifetime numbers aren't as good.

        Career batting numbers
        (BA OBP SLG OPS)
        SRod: .225 .301 .356 .658
        Ryan Roberts: .245 .324 .393 .717

        • Bill says:

          I disagree that SRod is liability in the field. When he focused on second base he consistently made some big plays over there, especially,in the soft. . I will buy that Roberts is as good or better. But what are their offensive comparisons against lefties only? That's what Maddon will care about.

          Also, I assume no one sees Fontenot or Duncan even having a chance? I kind of feel that way too, but wonder what the heck they are here for.

          • Tom says:

            Fontenot and Duncan are for insurance similar to what Rhymes was last year. Like insurance, you hope you never have to use either one.

          • Bill says:

            Seems a little overkill for insurance. Will all of the infield help that can't hit now, why spend on those two?

          • Tom says:

            Pretty sure they are not paying much for either guy.

          • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

            SRod is .252 career against lefties with a career .362 OBP
            and was .228 / .368 last year
            Ryan Roberts against lefties is .259/ .341 career
            and in 2012 was .231 / .282 vs. lefties

            Those numbers bear out what I was saying... SRod's numbers vs. Lefties do not make up for his porous D.

          • Tom says:

            But SRod has been an above average fielder in the past. He has excellent range. I think he just had an off year defensively, his throwing was off and it got into his head.

      • Dave L says:

        I have to agree with Mrsmith, thats why I left SRod out of the equation. I really like him and had high hopes but really going into 2013 he is the last guy on the bench IMO and could be the roster casualty when when Myers arrives. If he steps up his game this year both defensively and offensively he can be a great bench guy with his versatility but when your offense is as anemic as Mrsmith points out your defense has to be air tight and his wasnt in 2012.

        And yes I meant obviously you want Zobrist in front of Kelly sorry if I was less than clear in that.

        My overall point was intense shifting + multiple mediocre players playing multiple positions was a recipe for disaster and I think the Rays hope to have a more set infield in 2013 which will allow the best players to man the shifts.

        I dont buy the 'quadtoon' at second. That is a Maddon smokescreen i think.

        Alot of assumptions and I know I am going out on a limb for sure but thats my read.

        • Bill says:

          Def agree. Stability and more of the intense shift is what MadOne is looking for. Also agree on the quadtoon smoke screen. And we all know he does that.


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