capture_20130223_125143The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 10, Twins 7 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Defense. The Rays are a team that must be good defensively. And after leading the AL in errors last season, you can be sure it is a point of emphasis in the Spring. And so far, so good as the Rays have committed just 1 error in 3 games, and that was by a pitcher (Frank De Los Santos)…Battle For No. 5. Both Roberto Hernandez and Jeff Niemann pitched well in their spring debuts, going 1-2-3 in their single innings of work…Fernando Rodney. Somebody wants a new contract and came into camp ready to fling some arrows. In his first appearance he struck out the side and shot the moon as he walked off the field…Depth At First Base? Leslie Anderson is off to a hot start with both the bat and with the glove, impressing Joe Maddon. In 2 games, he has 3 hits, including a home run…Flash Jennings. Desmond came ready to play, and not just because he has 2 hits in his first 2 at bats. You can just tell from his at bats and his play on the field that he is being aggressive. He is not just feeling his way into Spring Training. He is attacking the baseball. And on the basepaths, it was his steal of third base that led to a bad throw and one run…Wil Myers. The hot-shot rookie has little shot of making the roster, so it is just important that Myers find a level of comfort playing with the big boys. And so far, so good with a double and a walk.

THE BAD: Tim Beckham. This could finally be the make-or-break year for Tim Beckham. In fact, it might be the make-or-break spring training. He already has 5 at bats in 2 games suggesting the Rays are going to give him plenty of opportunities early on to see what he can do and to see if he came to spring training prepared. And so far, it is just more of the same with no hits and no walks…Jonny Gomes in Red. This is not a good look for Jonny Terrific.

THE TELLING: Kelly Johnson will play first base, second base, and left field in spring training…Evan Longoria is expected to make his spring debut tomorrow.


  • A couple of programming notes: As you can see, we launched a new design. Unfortunately, the old design was a bit outdated and bloated and sometimes the best thing to do is just scrap it and start with something fresh. The basic pieces are in place but it is not finished yet as I expect it to evolve a bit over the coming days and weeks and we tweak some stuff. That being said, if you have any problems let us know and we’ll get it fixed.
  • It is hard to believe that the Rays would trade another starting pitcher after already moving James Shields and Wade Davis. But that hasn’t stopped the Rockies from calling the Rays and seeing if Jeff Niemann “and others” are available. Of course, if Niemann is headed to the bullpen (a very real possibility), he may be more valuable to the Rays as trade bait. [Buster Olney]
  • David Price is the highest-paid player on the Rays this season. But his $10.1 million salary ranks just 25th among players that are the highest-paid on their team. [BI Sports]
  • Joe Maddon says Leslie Anderson “looks stronger” and “more confident.” This is good news for the Cuban import who had seemingly fallen off the radar. []
  • Jose Molina discusses his talent for framing pitches and making balls look like strikes. []
  • Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery discuss life in the Rays organization after being traded from the Royals. []
  • VIDEO: Chris Archer discusses his spring debut. []
  • Baseball season just started and we’ve already got ugly brawls and punches thrown. [BI Sports]
  • The average Orlando Magic game has about 15,500 people watching on television. The average Rays game has about 90,000 people watching. And some think the NBA is now more popular than Major League Baseball (it is not). [Orlando Pinstriped Post]
  • Is there hope for Josh Freeman? [JoeBucsFan]




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