Kyle Farnsworth will make $1.25 million in 2013. Kelly Johnson will make $2.45 million. There is still no official word on the contract for Luke Scott.



  1. Don says:

    $1mil for Scott hes already got $1mil for release(wasted) and $1.4mil for St. pete…were good..$1mil players all over the place… what a way to build an empire

    • Bill says:

      I might be wrong, but I think Scott’s option was around $6M. So if they sign him for $3M, with the $1M cancellation they will have saved $2M. Therefore the $1M wasn’t wasted. Scott wanted 2-3 yrs last season. I think the club option with $1M buyout got him here over someone else with a little less per yr, but guaranteed 2 yrs. Rays definitely did a better job with that contract than they did with Burrell’s 2 yr deal.

      That said, I’m iffy on the resigning of Scott also. Definitely was not a fan of his ’12 performance. I the same guy shows up, just wasted $.

      • Don says:

        How did they do on Keppingers signing….1yr no options..really

        • Bill says:

          Keppinger just had a career year. He isn’t likely to repeat those numbers. He wasn’t in demand when they signed him. And no one would have predicted his ’12 numbers. But I maintain those numbers had a lot to do with how he was used, and he won’t perform the same way in Chicago.

          Anyway, we were discussing Luke’s contract. Those are two completely different animals. Two different skill sets with different markets.

  2. budman3 says:

    Scott will probably be signed for 3 million.

    • Dave L says:

      Plus or minus on Luke is $3M definitely, I say slightly under. Friedman knows when and how to squeeze a guys walnuts and save a couple of $M and make him happy in the process.

      I am surprised we got back Farnsworth for half price. I figured someone would take a chance on him for a couple of Mil.

  3. budman3 says:

    BTW…Rays index has the breaking news befoie DRB.

  4. budman3 says:

    Market rate a week before ST begins.

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