MLB: MAY 12 Rays at AngelsThe Rays have announced that they designated Reid Brignac and Elliot Johnson for assignment. The Rays needed to clear up space on the 40-man roster and both players, who were out of minor league options*, were unlikely to make the opening day roster.

The Rays have ten days to trade Brignac or Johnson or expose them to waivers. They can still accept an assignment to the minors and remain in the organization if they clears waivers.

The Rays’ 40-man roster (25 big leaguers + 15 potential replacements in the minor leagues for injuries, etc.) is currently full and the Rays still need to add Luke Scott, Kyle Farnsworth, and Kelly Johnson.

* Once a player in on a team’s 40-man roster, they can only spend time in the minors in three different seasons. Once a player has been in the minors in three different seasons, he must clear waivers before being demoted.



  1. Rick says:

    I really hope either we trade him, release him, or he refuses the assignment. There is no room for him on the big league roster and even in event of injury, he would likely be the third option. No more watching him fly out every at-bat.

  2. Don says:

    Too Bad, lost opportunity for a naive cajun, got caught up in the ML celebrity status of shady friends and playmates, MAYBE someone can teach him to hit..doesn't seem to get the picture, but used car sales here we come...Reid boy

    • LaneMeyer says:

      LOL at Briggy's celebrity status and shady friends and playmates. This kid never caused any negative headlines. He just never was either a good enough hitter or a good enough fielder to overlook his lack of hitting. Someone will want him as an insurance policy at SS.

    • Bill says:

      Exactly how many days did you spend in the show, Don ?

      Briggy is a good kid. Heck, I think you yourself blamed Shelton in the past for his hitting failures. Now you're making fun of him? Skipped a few of your meds ?

      BTW - In case you don't know much about Cajuns, they are a fun loving, but hard working and loyal people. But never, ever do you want to get on their bad side. Might not want to keep insulting him and throwing the word Cajun around like that. Never know who else will see this and take offense. I understand that they take people on interesting fishing trips.

      Laissaez les Bon temp Rouler.

  3. Alex says:

    And we didn't trade him when we had the chance... Hopefully he either stays around in the minors for a good defensive replacement in September or we get something in a trade. Doubt it though. We'll probably get a low a pitcher or w/e

    • Dave L says:

      As I said earlier this week I will take a sub-26yo high or low A guy with a faint glimmer of hope for these two.

      I think he have the late season defensive replacement already on the 40 in HJL.

      But you are right we usually win with pitch prospect and fan with hitters

  4. Dave says:

    Briggy can be let go completely. At this point, he brings nothing to the table.
    Elliot is decent

  5. budman3 says:

    Rays would have traded both by now if someone wanted them. But they have no leverage now as they would have to pass thru waivers and can be picked up by anyone. Being out of options makes them even less appealing. Maybe an injury opens up the chance of a trade and at least buys the Rays 10 more days of phone calls.

  6. J 2.0 says:


  7. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    Reid had, and unfortunately wasn't able to take advantage of, plenty of chances to show that he was a big league-caliber player, but he just couldn't get past the long-ball mindset... he'll catch-on with a team that lacks second-level talent (Hopefully. He's a good kid).

    Elliot has made a little more of his opportunities, but I think a lot of the hype around EJ has had more to do with low initial expectations than with his actual performance. He's a good, solid, team guy who will definitely make a roster somewhere.

    • budman3 says:

      With the Astros and the Twins the first two teams able to claim Brignac off waivers the Rays can only hope that the Twins want him enough to make some kind of deal for him. Better yet would be another team that wants him more than either both of those teams, perhaps offering the Rays even a little more.

  8. Andy says:

    Rays time is definitely over for both of them. Wish them well, but glad we've traded up.

    Thanks for explanation of roster moves!!


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