MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Tampa Bay RaysFormer Rays minor leaguer pitcher Dirk Hayhurst, who is also a best-selling author, is currently writing a book about his one season in the Rays’ organization. And while he is still working on the book, he is posting rough draft out-takes on his blog,

The fourth excerpt to make its way online discusses Hayhurst meeting some of his teammates for the first time. Specifically, he spends a little time on David Price (“Price oozed charm and charisma. He was like the entire team’s older brother who also happened to be the quarterback and prom king.”) and a lot of time on Kyle Farnsworth.

By now, Rays fans should know that Farnsville’s reputation as an angry person is more myth than reality. But Hayhurst assures us there is a “switch” you don’t want to flip. One example was a talent a show in which a minor leaguer sang a rap song about Fansworth that was not very flattering. Hayhurst says the switch was “flipped” and Farnsworth promised revenge…

“A few days later, Farnsy was seen in a boat in one of the retention ponds behind the Ray’s complex, allegedly fishing for alligators to stick in the locker of a certain minor league jokesters. I can’t confirm that he actually caught an alligator, nor can I confirm that he was asked by the Rays to remove it from the clubhouse before someone got hurt. I can only confirmed that, with much sadness, he was reduced freezing the clothes of the offenders and filling their cleats with shaving cream.”

Hayhurst “can’t confirm” this happened, but it sure sounds like he just did.



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