MLB: May 07 Rays at OriolesJohnny Damon is looking for a job. So when Curtis Granderson broke his arm, you can imagine Damon was pretty excited, telling Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News that he would play for the Yankees if they called. And yet somehow this turned into an opportunity for Damon to bash the Rays and Luke Scott.

Damon was hoping to re-sign with the Rays this winter, but was apparently not happy when the Rays instead chose to re-sign Scott…

“I guess if you have a bad year and get hurt, you get re-signed,” said Damon, still clearly stung by his departure two years ago. “I had a good year there and they didn’t want me back.”

As bad as Scott was at times in 2012, his numbers really weren’t that much different than Damon’s numbers from the year before. Damon had a .743 OPS and .327 OBP while Scott had a .724 OPS and .308 wOBA. Damon did play in 150 games, compared to just 96 for Scott. Then again, there is that small matter of age. Scott is FIVE YEARS younger than Damon. I have a feeling that might have played a factor.



  1. Bill says:

    So you're saying Damon has a better shot at a role in the remake of "Grumpy Old Men"? Certainly seems to take his little shots at the Rays the last couple of off seasons. Funny how that seems 180 degrees from the person he seemed to be when he was here.

  2. Sarah says:

    Cork, why even play the game of comparing Damon and Scott? Just because Damon thinks he's more deserving? If Damon had felt so strongly about remaining a Ray for life, ,he should have negotiated low cost option when he negotiated his 2011 contract. Why does he feel that his playing 1 year with the Rays somehow makes him entitled to a roster spot for life?

    If Damon believes himself to be such an outstanding judge of talent, then he can get a GM job and show us he's better situated than Andrew Friedman to make personnel decisions.

  3. Don says:

    I always remember him taking a Shot at Friedman, when he signed Pena and Scott and let him and Kotchmann go...He said " hey your problems aren't 1st base and DH, you need a SS and a catcher that can hit" for more offense
    Well we know how Friedman made out on that one... Damon &Kotch a new SS and catcher Rays in playoffs 2012...but that cost the Rays millions and you still got a deal with Cleveland Johnny.....who wins that deal?

  4. Kelley says:

    Well, Johnny, this is how it works: The favor of God is on Luke and God wanted him to come back to Tampa Bay. Focus on having a relationship with the Lord, letting Him lead you, letting Him open doors for you that no one can shut, rather than being concerned about what He's doing in another person's life. Aside from that, the Rays know what Luke is capable of and they understand why he struggled last year. Re-signing him was a wise decision which shows that the Rays are able to understand things in context and see beyond the ends of their noses.

    "Many are the plans in a man's heart but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." ~Prov 19:21

  5. lurker says:

    really kelley? maybe damon believes in the easter bunny or santa or all mighty isis. they all have the same impact and effect as a make-believe god.

    perhaps age had a bigger role or personality. not some imaginary idea that has caused more harm than good in this

  6. Daniel Bamber says:

    Johnny Damon needs to shut his mouth and move on. Stop acting like a litlte crybaby, i thought he was better than that?

  7. Lane Meyer says:

    Damon is just pissy because no one will pay him to play near his home. If rosters were 28 players, he'd be worth having, but with no defensive skills and declining power and speed, where's the upside?

  8. robert mitchell says:

    Again why is Branyan's name listed,then nothing about him in Ray's index?Trying to find out if Russ is contemplating playing again.Minor league deal with a club?

  9. Gt40bear says:

    Captain Caveman is tryng SO hard to b relevant again these days!

  10. Dave L says:

    Im so over Johnny Damon. When i last saw him with a glove it was kinda scary. We have zero need for an old DH only player.

    Its always sad when everyone knows a guys career is over but him.


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