MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Texas RangersOh boy, this is not a good start to the season for a 36-year-old pitcher…

Via Roger Mooney, we learned today that Joel Peralta did not throw today because he injured his neck trying to get out of his camaro. Marc Topkin added that Peralta had stopped to get sandwiches.

This leaves so many unanswered questions: What kind of sandwiches? Were they worth it? Did he have trouble gripping the frame of the car now that he is no longer using pine tar? Would he have been able to bend over more if his shirt wasn’t too small? Did David Price’s towel have anything to do with this? And where are Adam Russell and Rafael Soriano when you need them?!



  1. phil says:

    The beginning of the end ....kidding!

  2. Don says:

    WE had better excuces than that when we wanted out of practice, Just don't ask Price, Joel..his stinks...
    If you went out last night, admit it, be a man....

  3. Mr Smith 1980 says:

    And this is why I love it here:

    "Did he have trouble gripping the frame of the car now that he is no longer using pine tar?"

  4. Bill says:

    Rays always seem to have these mysterious injuries. Of course we don't follow other teams to this level of detail. Would be interesting to know if the Rays have a lot more of this stuff than others. Seems like they do. Always seems to bring out my inner conspiracy theorist. They were debating what to let Peralta do in the WBC, weren't they?

  5. Gt40bear says:

    While seemingly suspicious, I can't totally see this happening. Has anyone ever tried to get into or out of one of those things? I'm 5'8" and hit my head and feet on the door frame of a Camaro when car shopping. You have to be a midg... er, I mean little person to get in cleanly! Blame Chevy design team if he has a poor year.


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