Evan Longoria spoke to KicksOnFire.com about shoes and revealed this little nugget about what he will where on the field in 2013…

“I’m trying to get crazy this year.  I’m going to do type of camo [on the new shoe], whether it be regular camo or digi camo on the swoosh and on the whole tongue.  They’ve kind of phased out of the Shox, they’re not gonna make Shox anymore, so mine are… uh…Air Max, but I forget what the name is [it was the MVP Elite cleats], but anyways, I’m going to do something with a white bottom and some with a silver one, and go with a real dark blue with a baby blue and white combo.”

Here are a few more links to kick off the weekend

  • That picture above is Ben Zobrist and his son. It comes to us via MLB.com. [MLB.com]
  • The Rays were apparently were one of Travis Hafner’s finalists. Can’t imagine they were offering very much for another left-handed DH. [Buster Olney]
  • The Rays say they are willing to explore the Carillon area stadium proposal if they are also permitted to expand their search into Hillsborough. [BayNews9]
  • Hillsborough County Commissioner Karl Hagan, who has long seemed like the only person that is actually trying to do something about the stadium situation is hoping to get leaders from both sides of the Bay to meet and discuss the future of the Rays. [TBO.com]
  • The Rays have 5 players on MLB.com’s list of top 100 prospects, including Wil Myers at no. 4. [MLB.com]
  • Here’s video of David Price being interviewed recently at a Brooklyn Nets game. [BCTV]
  • I had no idea Rays sideline reporter, and current Miss Florida, Laura McKeeman is dating Josh Rutledge of the Rockies. [Twitter]
  • Jake McGee on the verge of becoming the best left-handed reliever in baseball? [RantSports]
  • Here are some questions about the Rays as we inch closer to the 2013 season. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • By the way, 22 days from now the Rays will play their first spring training game.




  1. LaneMeyer says:

    Ben Zobrist bears a striking resemblence to my GI Joe with the kung fu grip I had back in the '70s. If he had a scar on his cheek, he'd be a perfect match.

  2. Don says:

    SEE That Picture of ZOBRIST, IF he acted like that on a Baseball field he would be a SUPERSTAR, and take over this Team, Hes the best player we have, and its yes sir Mr. Maddon, Yes sir Sheldon...Even MLB analysis know who is the "Man".. but his "mild manner personality" holds him back....we need "Superman".....Longos not it..
    Get Crazy Ben..what do you have to lose?, its new contract time...

  3. Dave L says:

    I was just watching MLB and Jerry Harriston Jr. was on for the last couple of days, He had his list of current super utility guys and guess who was #1?

    He noted that he was the only one with power combined with versatility. Pretty cool.

    Laura noted her dating the Rockies player a couple of months ago on Ron and Ron. She has 10x the depth of your typical beauty paegent contestant. I dont follow that stuff much but her work on Rays Live is excellent. Her interviews are well conducted in the postgames etc.

    She is like Sheilds. A great asset we have while shes still in her first contract under Rays control. After that shes gone and going nationwide.

  4. Don says:

    I find it interesting FOX, one of Rays many distractors ,Find one of Rays Media types, worthy of their employ....
    SHE used the Rays to advance herself (just like the players) good for her, Kalas take note...now we get to watch that young "kid" doing the free ice Cream BS , Make your move Rays get a "cheap" recent college female graduate ....for your broadcast "replacement player" maybe a .220 softball player..

  5. Dave L says:

    I just watched a fascinating replay of Clubhouse Confidential on MLB this week discussing pitch framing.

    They have some catcher metrics in Pitch FX which showed that Molina saved a ridiculous 50 runs this year. Part of it was an audio of Maddon referring to this stat, then a Stat geek discussing it with Brian Kenny and showing Molinas pitch framing numbers and they concluded he was the Babe Ruth of pitch framing. Ok its hyperbole but its signifigant

    Then they had former catcher Dave Valle comment and compare Molina to Jesus Montero of the M's and how he was so poor in his receiving skills (although he couldn't be worse than his backup) to get his pitcher strikes.

    This goes to points I made last season when every one was down on Molina, including me, but I concluded at the end that his receiving skills and his imparting his techniques to his acolytes was a net plus catching performance for the Rays in 2012.

    Does anyone seriously think Shoppach and Jaso could have been the catchers of the best Top to Bottom staff in MLB history? No way

    Cork this would be a good topic for further review

    • Don says:

      What did they say about Molina's backhand skills on balls in the dirt, and his mobility on balls way outside or even close inside...
      How do they rate those skills, and pastball baserunner advancement, how is his speed to the ball?
      ."Framing" is over rated, 1st your assuming the ump is "fooled" he is not, he will give pitches "close" in certain areas of the plate, and every ump is different so it looks like Molina is getting away with it in different areas all the time...wrong!
      How much is "framing" worth vs. not hitting...how many runs lost in that comparison?

      • LaneMeyer says:

        I'll accept the 2 or 3 runs he may have cost us on passed balls for the 50 runs he saved us. As for hitting, there aren't many great hitting catchers or teams wishing to part with them, and the ones who can hit aren't often good receivers. Maybe next time watch the report that is being referenced by DaveL before making stupid comments. It talked about not only framing but positioning and as a long time catcher up through my college days, everything they talked about was spot on.

        • Dave L says:

          Yes and the good thing going forward is that the young guys like Giminez and Lobaton seemed to be picking up on this his receiving skills.

          The thing about the Rays is with the limitations of payroll of course we have guys with major flaws all over the roster. The trick is to try to mask or minimize them by mixing and matching everywhere.

          The 50 runs is mind boggling though. I like that Dave Valle he is an excellent communicator on the art of catching. Thats the beauty of MLB Network and who they hire. Valle was no Hall of Famer not even an All Star, but he knows baseball and how to communicate it.

        • Don says:

          Why do I have to watch the story?, I told you what they didn't talk about Molinas skills, good thing the Rays got 50 runs from fat boy, they wouldn't have made the playoffs..wait a minute..

          • LaneMeyer says:

            The report wasn't about Molina, that's why I said maybe you should watch it. It was about catchers that frame pitches well vs. ones that don't Molina was singled out as being the best at it. But obviously you'd rather revel in your ignorance and make comments on that which you are totally unfamiliar.


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