A just few leftover links to get the weekend started

  • Sun Sports will broadcast four spring games, including March 10 (Red Sox), March 15 (Phillies), March 23 (Twins), and March 27 (Blue Jays). It still amazes me that Major League Baseball can’t set up a single wide-view camera at the games not being broadcast and then feed those over the internet. I would pay.
  • Felix Hernandez has agreed to an extension that will increase his contract to $175 million over the next seven years (he still had 2 years remaining on his current deal). That is an average salary of $25 million and is in line with what we had discussed as a potential contract for David Price. So when Price hits free agency in three years, you can use this deal as a starting point and go up. [MLBTradeRumors]
  • The St. Pete City Council rejected a proposal that would have allowed the Rays to look at potential stadium sites outside of Pinellas County for a fee. Noah Pransky has the details. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • During the meeting, Mayor Bill Foster listed what he called “The Four Fallacies” of the stadium stalemate. Noah Pransky has them. The first one is the most important, and one we have discussed here several times. [Shadow of the Stadium]




  1. Justin says:


    Last year about this time, I heard someone throw out the idea that Tampa could "trade" the cruise business for the Rays. Was that some sort of dream I had or was that real?

    • Don says:

      Tampa's cruise business is going to be limited to small ships to go under skyway bridge...they don't have anything to "trade". probably not possible to build a port West of skyway anyway

  2. Beazy says:

    read "Noah's" site with a grain of salt as he tries to be the voice of the people, but in actuality he just post negative content, then adds his own negative & naive spin on it. He never has said what he believes what he thinks the Rays should do in there stadium situation, just likes to bash others opinions...


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