Want to read something fun today? Go back and read our preview of the 2008 Rays for Deadspin. If you can ignore the formatting problems, you will get an interesting look at how we perceived the Rays before their World Series run.

Baseball Season Preview: Tampa Bay Devil Rays [Deadspin]





  1. KT says:

    "Not only will the Rays win more than 70 games in 2008, they will win more than 80 and will actually play meaningful games in September. Seriously. And no, I am not that drunk." AWESOME.

  2. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    Soooo many things to comment on and so little time...

    First, I love thinking back to those days when we thought Bartlett was a short-term placeholder for our buddy Brignac.

    Then there was the relief of finally dumping Dukes and Young, and the subsequent nervousness of whether or not Garza would be coachable... a few good seasons and a franchise-first no-hitter showed that he kinda was.

    Then there's Kazmir... remember when RI had the Kaz win meter on the sidebar?

    How about that Aybar kid... turned out he didn't suck that much (for a while).

    My stomach will never fully recover from the ulcers the "Laugh-Staff" bullpen gave me in the years leading-up to that... Fossum, Camp, ugh!!

    Then the piece de resistance... The Prof showed that he can also be The Proph... as-in prophet. Meaningful games in Sept! I can remember reading comments like that on here and thinking, don't you dare play with my emotions Cork... don't do it!

  3. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    Corcoran, Orvela, Lugo... the names come back to me like the horrible aftermath of a terrible nightmare.

  4. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    Stokes, Soe, Ryu.... shivers just thinking of the hours they took off my life. How many times in '07 were the Rays competitive/winning before these clowns took the mound? It was infuriating! Grrrr, making me mad all over again.

    • Gus says:

      I think the stat was that the Rays had a winning record through 5 or 6 innings in 2007. It was the worst bullpen of the modern age. Truly something that took your breath away. I think it traumatized us as a fan base for years (that plus Game 5 in Boston in the ALCS in 2008) into thinking that no lead was ever safe when, in fact, for the last several years, most leads have been safe and the bullpen has been nails. I remember thinking that I'd never root for a Rays team that had a competent closer (kind of like I now think I'll never root for a Rays team with a competent DH).

  5. Andy says:

    Wow, very impressive, Cork (Briggy reference aside)!! Instead of drinking the Kool-Aid, sounds like you were making it!! 😀 With a bit of Long Island Tea in it, of course 😛

    Reference to that Game 5 ALCS game reminded me of something I'm still pissed about - Percival abandoning the Pen during the Playoffs!! Tho he was on the DL, I believe the young guns could have benefitted from his leadership & playoff/WS experience!!! Other guys not on the playoff roster for part of all of the time, such as Eric Hinske, Jonny Gomes could be seen doing what they could to support their mates in the dugouts throughout all 3 series. But Percy chose to be in So Cal instead. Shame on him!!!

    On a lighter note, I'm still waiting & hoping for the "Tampa Bay Rays first nude scene"!! Bring it On!!! 😀 😛


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