1-29-2013 10-37-30 AMAt right is our best look yet at the Rays’ new Spring Training cap. This is from the New Era catalog (via Uni-Watch.com). It is interesting to note (although it probably doesn’t mean much) that only one cap is listed for the Rays. Last week it was reported that there will also be an alternate cap in which the blue colors are reversed.

Also, this confirms that the caps are indeed the 5950 models worn during the regular season. However, there is some indication that the “stretchy” models will also be available for purchase.


  • Baseball America lists the Rays as having the fourth best farm system. [TampaBay.com]
  • Minor League Ball ranks the Rays farm system as the third best in baseball. [MinorLeagueBall]
  • Remember the economist that said the Rays should be in downtown Tampa? He is a paid consultant for Major League Baseball. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • BRaysballTalk wonders why residents want a baseball team but are unwilling to assume some of the cost. [BRaysball Talk]
  • Here’s a cool map that shows which NFL teams have the most fans in every county in the country. A close look shows that the Jets might be the only team that has a smaller footprint than the Bucs. [BI Sports]
  • Here’s the cake the Lightning had for Vinny Lecavalier’s 1,000th game. Interesting. [Ian Mendes]






  1. Dave L says:

    Off topic but thankfully no Rays named in that Miami PED Factory story.....

  2. Gus says:

    I think Cork and the comments section on RI has a far more discening eye on all things Rays than the Tampa Bay Times does. Unreal that they went with the Zimbalist story hook, line and sinker. Score one for Mike Kalt. He got over on the rubes in Florida (for a week).

  3. tampafan26 says:

    Any idea when these caps are gonna be available for purchase?


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