MLB: FEB 19 Rays Spring TrainingThe Rays are meeting with Hillsborough County Commissioners and Stuart Sternberg spoke about his intentions with the team moving forward. The message, if you choose to believe it, is that he isn’t going anywhere (via Noah Pransky)…

“I expect to still own Rays in 2027…My plan when I bought the team was for my kids to (one day) operate the team.”

The skeptics out there will note that the part about his kids was in past tense. And they may also point to some interesting doublespeak when spoke about the contract between the Rays and the city of St. Pete…

“I intend to [honor our contract], but I’d be surprised if we do.”

Ummm, OK?



  1. Beth says:

    I’ve always believed that the Rays PR people need to put Sternberg on permanent mute. He may be a brilliant financial mind, but he’s an awful communicator. There’s not one instance that comes to my mind when his public utterances have been useful, and the RFO usually has to spend days un-saying whatever he said.

    • Joe says:

      Beth, Stu doesn’t do it for me…You hit the nail on the head. He is a terrible communicator and you are left at your own devices to interpret his conclusions. He is a very unsavory character to me. I find him despicable as many find him to be a very welcome character, I do not. He could say and do more, be more magnaminous. I don’t think he connects to the Bay area and to the hearts and minds of fans. Playing games with payroll and saying that there are five better cities than Tampa Bay that don’t have MLB leave tons to be desired. Oh, what about the road uniforms, Stu?

      • Mike says:

        He took over a team that was the worst in baseball from an owner who had pissed off and mistreated pretty much every business in the area and been incredibly unfriendly to fans. He then turned the team around into one of the best in baseball, with the most fan friendly policies, and been very supportive of the community even though he doesn’t live here and has no connection other than the team. If you have ever met him, or seen him at the games, you would know that he is very down to earth, approachable, friendly, and cares a great deal about the fans and the team.
        Does he want to make money? Of course, who doesn’t. Does he want a new stadium, which will help him make a bunch of money? Of course, see above. I fail to see how any of this makes him “unsavory” and certainly can’t imagine anyone seriously calling him “despicable.”

        • Joe says:

          That’s right Mike, I call him unsavory and despicable and I stand by those comments. I acknowledge what he’s done, and his belief and faith in the area and his lack of faith is treacherous.

          I have longed to tell him what I think of him and how he comes across in the papers. He fails to stand up for the area. He lets ESPN and MLB Network run roughshod over fans and the perception of the team absolutely stinks. And I hold him completely responsible for that.

  2. Mike says:

    Well he can’t say “I intend to breach the contract” even if that is what he means, as that could be considered an anticipatory breach and might prompt the overly litigious mayor of St. Pete to sue. If he says “the Rays intend to honor the contract, but given the economic realities and the positions taken by MLB and the other owners, it is very unlikely that the Rays will actually be able to do so” it gets the same point across without providing grounds for Foster to file a lawsuit.

  3. J 2.0 says:

    The Tampa Bay Times article about how Sternberg is quoted saying that MLB has given up on the Tampa Bay AREA is disturbing to say the least.

    But on a positive note. We resigned Luke Scott. Probably to a discount. And if we signed him hopefully he has been determined to be healthy. Like I said all along this is the type of move the Rays make.

  4. Joe says:

    Not a great day for Stu Sternberg…MLB has given up on Tampa Bay, huh? Where do we go from here, Stu? What more can be gained? Go HOME and back to New York, Stu!!

  5. Don says:

    Lets say I’m a Mcdonalds owner or a Sweetbay owner and I have given up on S.St. petersburg…what do you do…Get the Hell out.. Stuie I suggest the Same..Please let a Jeter or a Magic Johnson type get ahold of this franchise,they would love it, and we will all be better off… including you…. you can go back to NY and we don’t have to hear all your ignorant ramblings about this area (Florida) and your poor finances… Get out kids and all!!! We don’t need you …you need us…

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