MLB: Spring Training-Miami Marlins at Tampa Bay RaysMarc Topkin is reporting that the Rays “are set” to re-sign Luke Scott (via Twitter). So while most of has visions of other DHs dancing in our heads, the Rays decided to give Scott one more shot and hope he can stay healthy.

The Rays will now have to cut two players from the 40-man roster to make room for both Scott and Kyle Farnsworth.

We’ll have to wait and see if Scott can be productive with the bat. But one thing we know for sure, the Rays are a more entertaining team with Scott, than without. Our GIF machine is already giddy at the thought of more scenes like this…



  1. Joe says:

    What a completely uninspiring offseason this has turned out to be? Can you see the deposits for season tickets jumping up?

    • Ted Sheckler says:

      Obtaining Wil Myers and a real shortstop was uninspiring? It is almost impossible to obtain a prospect of Myers' caliber who has already performed well in AAA but still has no mlb service time.

      • Joe says:

        Yes, it was uninspiring. How are the Rays better this year than last? Where is the offensive punch? We are going to rely on James freaking Loney? When you got David Price in perhaps his final year with the Rays (self-imposed), the Rays don't double down? I don't doubt Myers no matter what, but what about now, right now? The clock is always ticking with the way we operate. Why do we chump ourselves?

        • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

          As a life long Steelers fan I can assure you that uninspiring offseasons are not necessarily a bad thing. The Steelers NEVER go out an pay big bucks for free agents and they are one of the most successful franchises in all of sports... big signings rarely yield big results.

          Teams that play small ball don't need to rely on the longball... a better shortstop and the acquisition of the top non-pitching prospect in the land make this team a better one than last year's with no major spending to handcuff the team for future moves.


    • Dave says:

      You people ever offseason who think there is agoing to be some massive big free agent signing are laughable.


      Do you understand that yet? Or do we have to spell it out again next offseason?

      They develop pitching, get great defense and average bats. They lucked out with Longo and hopefully have a young stud in Meyers that will be here for 6 years starting in May.

      They were NEVER going to sing a big free agent.
      A healthy Luke Scott is about as good as it gets at DH with what os out there.
      They improved SS and got the best they could for Shields.

      I for one am very excited for next year.

      Just trying to give you a heads up: Dont freak out when they trade David Price in about a year. because starting yesterday, they are listening to every offer there is to try to get the most they can for him to replenish the farm system.

  2. Brianknowsbest says:

    they are better than the 2012 sf giants.

  3. J 2.0 says:

    If healthy, obviously, I am more than ok with the signing. I have been calling for it all offseason long. I will say I would like to see a splash though. Seeinghow it is likely Price's last year with the team.

  4. Jim says:

    Great so far. The infield defense is a lot better. Offense at SS is better. If they get any impact from Myers this year that would be great. They could still get insurance to take them over the top even without Myers. The first move would be to acquire Tyler Colvin from the Rockies. He adds a center fielder / outfielder / 1B versatility. His defensive center field stats were great. He is left handed and has more offense and power than Sam Fuld. He would provide competition and insurance to Fuld and Guyer for the last OF roster spot. He also is younger and has more team control. Then one additional acquisition would be picking up Jesus Guzman from the Padres. He would be a specialist against Left Handed pitchers and could platoon with Looney at 1B. Adding Colvin and Guzman would give us a very solid lineup on both sides of the plate.

  5. Dave L says:

    Just as I predicted.

    And based on our payroll restrictions could be the best we could expect. Devil you know (C grade free agent DH) better than you dont know.

    If he's healthy and plays in 120 games it will be a nice move. He will hit the ball. He hit the ball when he was healthy with us.

    He's a 10 clubhouse guy and asset. Unquestionably.

    If he spends lots of time on the DL or is limited because of injuries then the move will fail.

  6. Tom says:

    They are going to have some trouble with Left handed pitching. Scott, Joyce, and Loney are all lefty and all have some sever platoon splits. As Jim suggested, Guzman would help.

  7. Don says:

    0 for 50!!...Scott in 2012, I would bet I could stick a bat out in front of a 92mph fastball and go... lets say 2 for 50, If he gets over $1Mil ..Friedman has lost his mind and the "off season" in one swift moron move..Maybe a little AC/DC action ( Dave's 10),look at the video andyou tell me?

    • Bill says:

      So your argument is that through luck or random chance you could go two for fifty against 92 mph pitching. Then the same argument says luck or random chance plays into why Luke went ofer. Unless you're saying you really have some special way of sticking out the bat that Luke doesn't?

  8. Don says:

    Just took a closer look at video above, Scott rubbing on Uptons A--, Rodney can't even watch he looks up at the stands and longo and Johnson walk off,wanting no part of Scott dancing....
    They might have been next...

    • Andy says:

      Scott seems to be enjoying himself here & BJ acts unaffectedly. Maybe this was a regular thing πŸ™‚ In any case, gif suggests Luke's more open-minded than previously thot. Hmmmmm, think he'll take Wil under his wing? πŸ™‚

  9. Bill says:

    Still need some help against lefty pitching I guess. But this team is far better than the 2012 team. Let's not forget, during 2012 we had enough guys on the DL to field another squad at some points yet still we won 90 games. All of those guys healthy must yield a few more wins. Then consider the addition of Loney and Escobar - who must out hit Carlos and the combination of Johnson, Rodriguez and Brignac.

    Add to that some professional growth from Moore, Cobb and Archer, and we're a very, very good team.

    All of that without adding Myers into the mix.

    Are we disappointed that we didn't go after some bigger names? Yes. But that's what a being a Rays fan is all about. But no way we should be throwing in the towel.

    And I swear if I hear about the last year of Price as if it is some kind of life expectancy statement I will go nuts. We have two seasons of control of David after this one I think. And if he goes after this one, he doesn't just disappear. He gets traded and likely for much more value than we just got for Shields. By then I predict that Moore has solidified himself at a top notch lefty, Archer will be in the teens in wins and at least one of the Royals acquisitions will be getting accolades.


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