uspw_6653796For about a week, many Rays fans were drooling over the possibility of trading for Mike Morse. Well, we can now get back to looking through the dumpster behind the restaurant for a designated hitter.

The Mariners have acquired Morse (via in a three-team deal that also has former Rays catcher John Jaso going to the A’s. The Nationals received two minor league pitchers and a player to be named later.



  1. Joe says:

    You said it. The dumpster. And that is EXACTLY the approach to the entire offseason. For $6.75 M, Morse would have been a steal.

    Why do the Rays chump themselves and cheat themselves? In Friedman we trust? Yeah right!! Let the purse strings go a bit, be multidimensional in building a team, with the final year (allegedly) of David Price, why not double down?! We don’t have to break the bank to make the team more competitive? I don’t get it. And I don’t respect it. We LOVE guys and settle for guys like James Loney?! Why?

    • deezy333 says:

      In a addition to taking on 6.75 million dollars of salary, we would have needed to match the prospect the Nationals got in return, AJ Cole. Sickles has Cole ranked as a B level prospect which would be along the lines of a Colome or Romero type, which is too steep a price. Nationals got the best deal they could have.

      This just further opens the door for a Justin Smoak trade, which I prefer to Morse anyways. Unlike Morse, Smoak has no injury concerns, is a good defender and under team control for 3 years. After trading Jaso, Mariners have reported interest in Chris Giminez, so potentially a trade involving Giminez and a decent prospect could make a deal happen.

      I’m still hoping the Rays add Smoak, Hairston, Lowe, Farnsworth, and Kattaras to complete the winter.

      • Bill says:

        Like ^^^^^^^

      • Tom says:

        Smoak cannot hit. I woulld prefer Hafner and Hairston.

        • deezy333 says:

          Smoak is an above average hitter away from Safeco, a park that severely suppresses hitting. He had a .092 iso at home versus .199 away, an ops almost 200 points higher away, and 15 of 19 homers last season away from Safeco. Overall line away of .235/.308/.435 would have been an upgrade for us last season. Smoak still has good plate discipline despite his struggles (10% b-rate, 20% k-rate) and could be a .250/.330/.450 hitter with 25 bombs away from Safeco and the everyday 1B for 3 years. I’ll take that all day.

          • Dustin says:

            Agreed on all this, though I also think the whole thing makes the Jaso-for-Lueke trade look pretty bad.

  2. Don says:

    Forget Morse..Friedman should have tried to get Jaso back, a .280 DH, we have never had a back up catcher better than anyone else we got..sleeping Friedman?

  3. George says:

    I’d rather pick up a hafner for cheap than give up something for one year of morse. Morse’s value is all in his power because he doesn’t walk and strikes out a ton. A lot of his power is also to right center which will definitely be suppressed in the trop

  4. Daniel Bamber says:

    I think our attention should turn to Alfonso Soriano, why have we not got him yet? Soriano doesn’t provide the same versatility as what Morse could but you’re talking about a guy who is a better player in general who comes with a cheaper salary ($5mill) and he has two years left on his contract where as Morse only had the one.

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      Yeah Morse has a lot of versatility, he plays 2 positions poorly. The guy is a defensive liability and isn’t worth losing a high prospect for when he’s only signed for 1 more year. I agree with either Soriano or even Hafner and/or Sizemore if they can go cheap with lots of incentives.

  5. Dave L says:

    I never wanted to commit 10% of our 2013 payroll to Morse. As Geoff says minus defender and injury concerns. I might have traded mediocre hitting, frightful catching 2011 Rays Jaso (forget about prospects) for him if his salary was around $2M otherwise The M’s can have him.

    Never trade anything of value for a player you can find the equivalent of as a free agent. Nice pass on this one IMO.

    • Joe says:

      $6.75 million is nothing even for a team with an average payroll. Come on Dave, I respect you, but the fact that the Rays keep their payroll so low, they make people like you think and examine every single dollar that is spent. Even if Morse hit 15-20HR and hit 70 RBI, he would be worth that money. That’s his cost and he’s paid appropriately. I would take him in a heartbeat in a contract year, and maybe he would like it here. The Rays front office has the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes. Again, $6.75 is nothing, and the Rays could have easily exceeded AJ Cole in a return, but obviously there was no real concern or discussion was there? Why do the Rays SETTLE for career underachievers like James Loney and give him $2 million and give him carte blanche? That is a slap in the face signing and disrespectful to me. Sometimes, you have to pay the price for performance and if it doesn’t quite work out, oh well, its the price of doing business. You can’t win every deal.

      • Dave L says:

        Well Joe, Freidman is given a budget and he has to pay an entire roster within those limits. Every dollar paid to player A reduces the amount left to pay B-Z. You may not like it but it is what it is. Sure he could go slightly over that budget but he would be able to go to the well maybe once a year for one guy and he better have a damn good reason and it better pay off.

        Do I wish he was given a bigger budget? Hell yes. Do I think the owner could afford a bigger budget? Hell yes.

        But I deal in the world of realism here. If I just turned 21 and looked in the mirror and saw a 5 foot flat 80 pound man staring back at me, I could keep playing basketball and lament for the rest of my adult life that I wasn’t taller and keep getting my shot blocked. But instead as Rays fan I have decided to give up basketball and learn how to ride a horse.

        For me its a far more interesting and productive excercise to figure out how to play the game with the cards dealt rather than endlessly complaining about the rules of the game and why i keep getting lousy cards.

        $6.75M may be “nothing” but when all is said and done its 10% of our payroll whether you feel insulted or not. An I’m glad we aren’t using spending it on a Mike Morse who we had to trade something of value for.

        • Don says:

          Is it easier being mediocre?, “I expect nothing and I get nothing” so I’m happy, must be a hell of a life…

          • Dave L says:

            3 straight 90 win seasons is mediocre to you? that is almost as foolish as when last august you proclaimed before a series with the Jays it was between the 2 worst teams in the AL.

            Why do you hate the Rays so much? Go root for your team whoever it is and post your bile on their message boards. We attempt to have intelligent baseball discussions here and all you do is come here and belch and break wind.

          • Joe says:

            Let me say this, when 90 wins is not enough to get you to the post season and you don’t see anger and despair coming from the front office and ownership, rather satisfaction, then it should tell you everything you need to know. Stu doesn’t have killer instinct. It’s all about opportunity with him and his process. Hey Stu, the game is what it is and salaries are the way they are. Deal with it, work with it!!

        • deezy333 says:

          I agree 100%. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Ball on a budget!

          I would rather see the Rays acquire Smoak, who is a lesser hitter than Morse but is much better in other facets (base running, defense, plate discipline) and would cost a fraction of the salary allowing the Rays to improve the team in other areas such as adding an extra bat (Hairston) and a couple bullpen arms. I would be ok if signing Hafner allowed them similar flexibility.

        • Joe says:

          You said it, and I am glad you did. Of course they can go to a higher threshold. Put Michael Morse in the right spot with the right people around him and he is a positive, I have see it first hand. He would spark the crowd at the Trop, which I think is worth something in itself. I am sick and tired of Stu Sternberg getting a free pass on what payroll level is supposed to be. People just accept what he says, and I detest it more than anything else.

      • deezy333 says:

        Could have easily exceeded Cole? That would mean one of Archer, Odorizzi, or Guerreri for a 1 year rental. Rays would have, nor should they have, met that asking price unless it included a package of lesser prospects. Even so, upside of Cole > package of prospects.

      • Rob says:

        What if he hit .221 with 14 HRs and 64 RBI? That’s what Burrell did when he signed with the Rays and I can see that happening with Morse.

  6. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Morse is another example of a situation where the media produced an inflated demand for a player with several weaknesses/short-comings. No top tier or high B-level prospect is worth a gamble on a one-year rental with injury and defensive issues.

    As far as any comment about Jaso being a great option at either catcher or DH, I think some fans are starting to romanticize the past…

    In regard to Don… ugh. I went almost an entire year without posting because I couldn’t take his uneducated nonsense, but I will not sit idly by as he continues to regurgitate all over reality with ridiculous, unorganized, poorly-thoughtout rubbish.

    Don you are a menace to RI and would be a perfect fit for a blog about the “Sawx”… so why don’t you head over to one of there sites and talk about how habitually losing to the Rays is a wicked pissah.

  7. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    p.s. I’ve changed my username from DirtbagFan because it was too confusing for Don to figure out what it meant…

    • Don says:

      Dirtbag? maybe “slimeball” (like fastball) would fit better…too many Smiths…how about Dave M. (L. already taken) you could be alphabet brothers

  8. Craig says:

    I didn’t understand Jaso being traded to the Mariners in the first place. At least he didn’t end up with another AL East team.

  9. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    For the record, I still feel like Jaso is a nice AAAA catcher… not a true major league talent.

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