Yesterday we speculated that Lance Berkman was already out of the Rays’ price range. And today Ken Rosenthal is reporting (via Twitter) that Berkman has agreed to a 1-year deal with the Rangers for $11 million, with an option year.

Just a guess, but that is probably more than twice as much as what the Rays were offering.



  1. Dave L says:

    I never bought into the syllogism:

    A) Rays are one of the few MLB teams remaining who need a DH

    B) The once very productive Berkman with his wrecked knee is available as a DH


    C) Rays were pursuing Berkman as a DH and actually offered him a contract.

    Friedman, if he even inquired through LB's agent knew his minimum demands to play another year and seeing he has turned down offers greater than those the Rays would ever offer probably never spent 5 minutes considering Berkman at this stage.

    The DH free agent market is a game of musical chairs. There are still too many empty chairs and too many teams who are much more quick and nimble (rich) who will take those more conventionably desireable chairs.

    At the end there will be the Rays and maybe the Astros (who some project to have a lower payroll than us even) left to fight over the 12th best available DH type left in the market.

    Our record on bringing in DH's is horrible since we are always left with the dregs. Thats why I say forget a pure DH and bring in the best available hitter on the board, when the hot stove season is over, who can still fill in defensively.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Well, we do know that the Rays were 1 of 4 teams showing interest (per the Houston Chronicle). And we know that at least 2 teams offered a contract that was below what Berkman was looking for. Do we know the Rays made a formal offer? No. But it is safe to say that at the least numbers were discussed.

      • Dave L says:

        Yes I understand what was reported but this is what doesnt make sense.

        The other teams that were pursuing him were the Orioles, BoSox, Philly, Astros, who were hoping for a nostalgia/home state discount because they arent looking to spend alot of money.

        So who was the second suitor offering $10M who drove up the price? Philly was bidding for a part time player at best. Berkman certainly didnt distinguish himself in his stint 3 years and multiple knee procedures ago with the Yanks so why would AL East teams thow $10M at a 37yo guy who was meh in the AL East when he was 34 and healthier?

        The Rangers are leaving ALOT of money on the table and congrats to them on on winning the old gimpy puma sweepstakes heheh. Lets see if he passes the physical.

  2. Sully says:

    Even as DH, The Puma is liable to blow out his knees. I saw most of his 97 PAs last year (for $12 Million), and his sticks are shot. He can still rake, but can't run to first.

  3. Brent says:

    It doesn't matter, I'd rather have Guyer DH'n for only a 1/2 mill..

  4. slacker775 says:

    I have a feeling that even if we had gotten him for reasonable money, it would have been the same old story. We probably have to just accept the fact that our DH wouldn't be the typical power bat, rather just needs to be someone that can put the ball in play and not cost us an arm and a leg (or a pitcher and a prospect).


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