760 ALCS GM7 RED SOX V RAYSThere may be no more team-first player in professional sports than Jonny Gomes. In that made-up dictionary people often cite (you know, the one with the pictures), next to “Team Player” is a picture of Gomes. But the Boston media, in a way only they can do, have planted the seed for what could be an ugly story for the Red Sox this summer.

Gomes, who signed a 2-year, $10 million contract with the Red Sox this off-season was asked by Scott Lauber of The Boston Herald about the possibility of being a platoon player…

“You look at baseball cards, there’s no such thing as a position of a ‘guy that hits lefties’ or a ‘guy that hits righties…You either hit or you don’t. Are they different? They are different, 100 percent, lefty and righty. But I didn’t hit just lefties in the 12-year-old All-Stars. Coming up through the minors, I didn’t have a swing that just hits lefties. I work very hard in the offseason to condition myself to be ready for 162 (games).”

You hear that? Jonny could hit right-handed pitchers when he was 12!

Of course, Gomes is just a competitor and he wants to play everyday like everybody else. But what happens in May when the Red Sox are struggling and Gomes is only playing three games a week? The media is going to come back to this quote and question Gomes about his playing time. And at that point, Gomes will be stuck between trying to downplay this comment or going off on his manager.

Gomes’ struggles with the label of a platoon hitter are nothing new for Rays fans. After being demoted to triple-A late in the 2008 season, Gomes told a writer that the Rays never even let him take batting practice against righties. That was shortly before the Rays released Gomes.



  1. Don says:

    Gomes is 100% correct.. there are no ML players that only hit certain pitching, If you only hit leftys or rightys or fast balls or curve balls you are not a ML player, hear me Joyce...
    I always said(Dave L.) you play Joyce everyday either he hits or get him out of here...no partime ML outfielders
    I knew Maddon had a problem with Gomes, I wasn't sure what it was... ok "batting practice"? Good for you Maddon stick to your guns, who needed Gomes??We had plenty of hitters...

  2. Joe D. says:

    You would think Jonny would have talked to CC, and learned, don't sign with the Red Sox. Friends don't let friends become Red Sox, or Yankees for that matter... Maybe CC, and Gomes aren't that friendly...

    By the way, anyone else think the Dodgers, and their spending spree is closer to the BoSox/or Philadelphia Eagles recent expenditures (you know set up to fail), than it is to the '09 Yanks?

  3. Dave L says:

    Yeah Joe you are right.

    Have fun in Beantown Jonny. Gomes is a great team player as Cork says but $5M per? I dont think so. Boston money is flung about pretty freely though.

  4. Steve says:

    Jonny is still the man. It just sucks that he's playing for Boston of all teams, but I'm glad he's getting paid and his bat will be a good fit for Fenway.

  5. Don says:

    18x a year he Will get a chance to stick it to the Rays...not good news for Maddon, maybe he'll have a righty pitching

  6. Allen says:

    I loved Jonny Gomes' enthusiasm and team support. There is not a larger fan than Jonny. He had power too and I had hoped a future with the Rays. However, every time he came to the plate, especially in crucial situations with someone on base, he made me very nervous. He looked extremely uncomfortable at the plate, and he struck out a lot. I hope he does very well at Boston except in games against the Rays. Go Jonny, but Go Rays!!


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