This has been floating around for about a week, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, the folks over at BaseballProspectus had Evan Brunell, a blogger who also happens to be deaf, go over some videos of managers arguing with umpires and use his lip-reading skills to let us know what is being said.

The entire post is well worth the time, so please go check it out. But here is one that is particularly relevant to the Rays. First, here’s the clip. Can you guess what Maddon is saying?

Here’s a GIF of the best line…

And here is how Brunell translated the exchange, with the above section in bold…

Joe Maddon: Bob, what you got?


JM: He tagged him on his ball sack! His fucking ass is on the bag!


JM: Bob, he tagged him on his backside of his leg.


JM: Bob, of course he was.


Bob Davidson: He got him on his ass, first of all—

JM: Well, that is fucking so selfish, un-fucking-believable. Bob. BOB! You’re not talking to me, the problem right there.


JM: —tag him on his fucking leg, you would have looked at his fucking head! Bob, you weren’t looking at his— [Obscured]. Bob—I know, but you missed, missed the most important part, Bob! [Obscured] Bob, you’re not fucking—you’re not fucking right, Bob!


JM: Bob, you’re not right!

BD: So I understand that’s [Obscured] not that great.


JM: —Bob! It’s fucking important to us!

BD: I [Obscured]

JM: Well, what the fuck, you can’t miss that call right there!

BD: No, I didn’t miss it!

JM: You fucking blew the shit out of it, Bob!

BD: I did not miss it!

JM: You fucking blew it!

BD: I did not—

JM: You fucking blew it!

BD: That’s enough, Joe.

JM: You fucking blew the call, Bob!

BD: (Tosses him)

JM: You fucking blew the call! That’s a real important part of the game!

BD: I understand that.

JM: We’re trying to fucking win the division!

BD: I got it. I got it. I hope you do.


BD: No, I saw the whole thing.



  1. Dave L says:

    I guess this research was inspired by the passing of Earl Weaver.

    Joe does tend to get a little salty out there. Most manager rants are interesting because of the histrionics and theatrics but the dialogue is most schoolyard juvenile stuff and this is typical.

    I'll file this one under the category of too much information.

    By the way my lipreading interpretation led me to believe they were discussing french literature.

  2. CRRaysHead90 says:

    "I hope you do." Wait, what?

  3. Don says:

    Does MAddon's mother know he expresses himself this way ... is that typical in her hamburger stand in Penn...Does She say like "Joe take the fucking trash out"... just wondering..
    She should be proud...

    • Political Man says:

      Dude seriously? That's your take on this? I saw other posters comment that you were a negative poster and I had no idea who you were. I get their point now. Going a little overboard on this one, don't you think? What are you? A priest or something?

      Personally I would pay extra to have microphones in the dugouts and on the managers and umpires during games. I can't get enough of these interactions.

      • Don says:

        Pay $60 for a ticket, forget "extra" and sit as close as you can to the field,instead of a microphone, because you are not going to hear that crap on TV for Free......Dude buddy

  4. Clay says:

    Was this the ejection where Joe admitted in his postgame interview that he was wrong, Bob got the call right, and apologized?


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