MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Detroit TigersPrior to the season, the Rays picked up the option on Fernando Rodney’s contract. And at $2.5 million, Rodney will be massively underpaid in 2013. But according to a report in a Dominican Newspaper (via Rodney told the newspaper that he was close to signing a two-year extension with the Rays.

There was only one problem: It wasn’t true. According to Marc Topkin, there has been “no dialogue between the Rays and Rodney on a new deal.”

What is curious about this is that the Rays are not a team that ever blatantly lies to the press. If they were close to a deal, it is much more likely that they would just say something along the lines of “there is nothing to report at this time.”

So then why would Rodney say he was close to a deal? Was there a miscommunication between Rodney and his agents (one possibility suggested by Topkin)? And as Rays fans, should we be concerned that Rodney is not happy only making $2.5 million this season?

[UPDATE] Agent says report was a “misunderstanding” and that Rodney was “misquoted.”



  1. Don says:

    "What is curious about this is that the Rays are not a team that ever blatantly lies to the press...

    WE (rays) "are not making any money".... ring any bells?

    • deezy333 says:

      Why are you a Rays fan if you dislike them so much. I rarely see you laud any facet of the team, just constant complaining. Its not too late to jump on a bandwagon elsewhere. Nationals should be a really easy team to root for ..

  2. Miguel Grande says:

    The Rays are not about to discuss extensions with Mr Rodney until he arranges to repair all of those arrow holes in Tropicana Field's dome ceiling.

    Mr Rodney's representatives are saying that his arrows are purely imaginary and the holes in the dome are probably from neighborhood drug dealers test firing their weapons.

  3. deezy333 says:

    According to a report later today, after Rodney's agent said report was bogus, Rodney told a reporter again, he is close to an extension, thinks it will get done, probably by the end of the month. Who knows. If we all remember last year, Rodney told a Latin newspaper he had signed with the Rays weeks before they announced it.

    • Don says:

      You Liked that Man Te'o story didn't you? Have you heard he has a new (live) girfriend, the story appeared in the local news


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