Jim Bowden is reporting (via MLB Trade Rumors) that the Rangers have reached an agreement with AJ Pierzynski, a player a number of Rays fans had high on their free agency wishlist. Details of the contract have not been reported.

Pierzynski never seemed like a good fit for the Rays unless he was willing to at least be a part-time DH. If given a choice, the Rays would prefer a all-glove, no-bat catcher over a good-bat, mediocre-glove catcher. And even then, the Rays may have still been outbid by other teams with more money to spend.



  1. Dave L says:

    The good news is I can continue to root against him.

    I think once we see the numbers they will be out of our range regardless.

    Molina and his disciples for all their shortcomings and offensive weaknesses seem to be in sync with our pitching staff and lets hope it continues for one more year.

    Anyone think we would set the ERA record with the likes of AJ or Jaso calling the game? Very doubtful.

    By the way with Lobaton and Giminez out of options, what do we do once the season starts roster wise? I guess Chirinos is still a project.

    • Joe says:

      I think Giminez is getting exposed to waivers and the part that sucks is the only one with a decent bat out of that group IMO is Chirinos and he has no chance unless there are like 2 injuries to catchers.

  2. LaneMeyer says:

    Too much drama and too little defense not to mention too much money for 1 year and a guy that can't handle a pitching staff.

  3. Dave L says:

    Reportedly 1 year @$7.5M.

    AF never signs a guy coming off a career year (AJ career high OPS + SS award) where they then proceed to get invariably overpaid by some one more desperate or with money to burn.

    Rays free agents almost always come off crappy years where a guy had surgery or is recovering from injury where we get them at a discount and hope they rebound.

    Our second lefty in the pen will become clear later once the dust settles and the musical chairs game is over and he is the last man standing. Same with our DH I guess.


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