Yesterday we mentioned thatwhen Wil Myers joins the Rays during the regular season he will join a very select group of big leaguers that don’t wear batting gloves (Coocoo Crisp is the only regular that comes to mind). Well, last July Myers briefly discussed the topic at the MLB All-Star Futures Game…

And as a bonus, here’s Myers destroying an ESPN camera during the Futures Game…

And here’s Myers taking BP at the Futures Game…



  1. Beazy says:

    What a great trade, an aging starter and a bullpen pitcher for a young everyday future all-star and others...

  2. don says:

    Just seen the Durham Bulls Promo. Video on Twitter about Wil Myres playing there "Wil HE or Won't HE" there Oppening
    Day..... Selling 3 game packages...
    They ( minor league People) Know more about Marketing than anyone in Rays Front Office......Rays better promote those Bull Execs up to the big Club...Maybe you (they) can Sell more think?

  3. Dave L says:

    I read an interview with Derek Shelton where he was asked about Wil Myers. He said he was very excited and couldn't wait to get started working with him. When asked about his 140 K's in the minors he said that was easily correctable.

    His last comment was 'first we need to get him a decent pair of batting gloves'

    Wait let me find the link.... where is that... hold on a minute....

    • Political_Man says:

      Wouldn't that be something? Sometimes it can be that simple.

    • don says:

      Please...there you go again Quoting Idiots....
      Sheldon: NO batting Gloves=lots of strike outs...really
      Is there any wonder why 90% of Rays players "helped" by Sheldon can't hit??

  4. Ricky C says:

    I'm pretty sure Hunter Pence doesn't use batting gloves either

  5. Andy says:

    Wil is gonna be gr8 for PR as well as on the field!! At the end of the 1st video, did he say, "I don't pee on my hand"? If so, what's that about???

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Good catch. That's in reference to Moises Alou, another gloveless batter in recent memory. Alou readily admitted that he peed on his hands in order to toughen the skin. I don't know if there is any scientific evidence to support that actually happening, but Alou believed it.


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