uspw_6358156According to a report on a Japanese website (via Hideki Matsui will announce his retirement after ten seasons in the big leagues.

If true, Matsui’s last game as a baseball player was with the Rays. The final at bat of his career was a pop-up to shortstop to end a 2-1 loss to the Mariners back in July.

In all, Matsui hit 507 career home runs with 175 home runs coming during his time in North America. However, he only hit two with the Rays in 34 games.



  1. don says:

    He was really done long before now (Yankee release)..but he got $1-2mil from the rays..and probably cost them 3-5 games...Playoffs anyone?

  2. Dave L says:

    Matsui was a Ray briefly and a classy ballplayer by any standards. Yes he stayed a season too long as do most players. That last year in a retired once great players career is often pretty sad even HOF and sometimes the final box score of the season is very horrid.

    Unfortunately, his came at our expense. The Rays took a risk that his meltdown would come closer to 40 but it happened at 38.

    I did enjoy listening to Orestes D emphasizing that Godzilla was a much bigger star in Japan than Ichiro as I wasnt aware of that. Although I wonder if thats still true.

    Most ball players peak at 29 and thats when Hideki arrived from Japan, so his career was very impressive.

    When I hear people clamoring for Thome or the other aging thunder bats, I'm not as anxious to roll the dice and end up with Godzilla redux.


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