We all knew Matt Bush’s baseball career was over after he was charged with DUI causing serious injury following a hit-and-run that left a motorcyclist severely injured. But if there was any doubt, that has been put to rest now that Bush has agreed to a plea bargain that will result in prison time. According to Joe Smith of TampaBay.com, Bush will serve at least three years in prison, not including time already spent in jail.

Also, here is the arrest video of Bush, which appears to show him crying uncontrollably in the back of a police car. Of course, this was not the first time Bush had been arrested. And it wasn’t the first time he was seen crying after being arrested



  1. don says:

    He'll be crying "uncontrollably" when big bubba gets ahold of him in prison...

  2. Beth says:

    Did we really need to see that video?


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