MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay RaysZack Meisel of has written an article on the anatomy of arguments between managers and umpires. The entire piece is a solid read, so check it out. But the part that we are most interested in is two umpires recounting run-ins with Rays skipper Joe Maddon.

Having seen Maddon argue more than a few times, neither of these stories come as a surprise. But they are still worthy of a good head shaking and a chuckle, because this is just Joe being Joe…

Rays manager Joe Maddon typically employs a more caring approach to his rendezvous with umpires. After Maddon disputed a call in 2007, Barrett told him that one more word would trigger his ejection, so the skipper simply replied, “I love you.” Sticking to his guns, Barrett tossed him…”I ejected him and then realized, ‘What do I put in my report, that I ejected him because he told me he loved me?’ That just stumped me,” Barrett said. “I had never had a manager tell me he loved me before.”

Maddon also bonded with Davidson during what appeared to be a heated discussion…”We had what looked like a nasty argument in Tampa,” Davidson said, “and he was telling me how much he liked me and I was saying, ‘I like you also.’ We were nose and nose doing this, and then when he left, he got a standing ovation.”

Unfortunately, MLB’s video archives don’t go back to 2007, but the ejection in question was over a check-swing call. There is a summary of the altercation at the bottom of this column. As for the second ejection, Maddon has been tossed by Bob Davidson a couple of times. However, I think he is referring to this dust-up in which both Carl Crawford and Maddon were tossed. My lip-reading skills are rusty, but it looks like at one point Maddon says, “I like you Bob, but you can’t push me.”

While we are on the subject, have you ever noticed that this is Maddon’s “I’m getting ejected move”?



  1. don says:

    Worse than Big Time Wrestling....."put on a show" to show the fans how active Maddon is, the only time Maddon yells at umpires is when he wants to go to the clubhouse and off the "hotseat" when his team is in a tough spot...Document it...everytime

    • Drew says:

      Yeah he never stands up for his players. That's why they all hate playing for him.

    • Rob says:

      It's not really logical that a manager would get thrown out of a game when things are going his way. Of course, he gets thrown out when the team is in a tough spot - that's when you argue calls to the point where you get thrown out.

    • JDAllen says:

      I keep hoping to read a post from you that is not filed with vile hatred for the Rays. I honestly I am not sure that I have ever read anything from you that does not smell of a closet yankee or redsox fan.

      • don says:

        Gee JD, you don't take constructive criticism very well..See if this is better... Maddon would be better off as a manager, IF he was in the dugout, trying to make important game decisions in close games, Instead of telling umpires He "loved them"....
        Its part of a Maddon "show"...get it?

    • Dave says:

      Idiotic comment. EVEY manager gets tossed when their team is in a tough spot.

      Amazing how many fans of the Rays don't realize how good a manager they have.
      The only thing I disagree with is inning counts with starters since thee is no evidence that it lengthens their careers... but hard to argue the results the last 6 years.

      • Dave L says:

        If the so called "manager of the year" watched his pitch counts he might have had his best pitcher around for the playoff run. That was like a slow train wreck that was easily avoided. Maddon would have had SS on the DL a couple of times with fake strained gluteus or a tired patellar bone and stretched him out. Fans would have howled about his obsession with pitch counts and totally missed that he was still around.

        For me that disqualified ol' Davey from getting that award. They just gave it to him for sentimental sake. Dumbest coaching move of the decade IMO

  2. Matt says:

    That video reminded me how much I hated kevin kennedy.

  3. Dave L says:

    The best Maddon ejection of all time was the Garza balk incident. Everybody on the infield was cracking up into thier gloves. That was classic. First manager i ever saw ejected for mockingly cussing out his pitcher for his repeated phantom balking.


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