The Astros wanted Andrew Friedman, but they will have to settle for Carlos Pena in their effort to be just like the Rays. Danny Knobler of is reporting that the Astros and Pena have agreed to a one-year, $2.9 million contract. Pena could earn another $1.4 million in incentives. Pena made $7.25 million with the Rays last year. He is expected to play first base and DH as the Astros make the move to the A.L..



  1. Bulls says:

    Good deal for Carlos

  2. Raysfan137 says:

    Nice deal. Hope he rebounds and has a great year. Forgot about the Stros moving to AL opening up another DH position out there. Couldn’t happen to a better person – but I’m also glad it removes the temptation for the Rays to re-sign him. You were great for the Rays at one point ‘Los, but that time has come and gone. Best of luck!

  3. Raysfan137 says:

    Any chance that opens the door for the Rays to pursue Berkman ?

    • Alex says:

      The Rays are going to wait out the market like they always do. They’ll sign their new DH/1B/OF in Jan or Feb. Berkman isn’t even sure if he is going to play this year.

      • Bill says:

        Don’t look now but Jan is less than two weeks away. And Berkman is being smart saying he is not sure he’ll play. That’s leverage. He will play if he gets a fair offer. Not sure I’d rather see him or Scott at a serious discount, but I’d lean towards the switch hitter. A 100% healthy Scott would be interesting, but not sure that will ever happen. Rather see something even more impactful, but I’m not sure it’s out there for the Rays – like a trade for Soriano without depleting the farm.

  4. Joe says:

    I swear on Price’s left arm, I forgot Pena was even a FA. Him and Scott have gotten no media whatsoever. It opens the Berkman door for sure but I’m hoping for Morales

    • Dave L says:

      I still think Scott may be back for 2013 at a discount.

      • Joe says:

        Been thinking the same, especially a team like the Angels will want Helly and that’s a joke.

        • Dave L says:

          Dont worry Helli’s not going anywhere. The joke was that he was really being dangled as trade bait for anything other than small gold mine of players and/or talent that no one would part with. It doesnt matter who his agent is as long as the Rays have control. At a half a mil per with an ERA always around low 3′s he’s possibly the best bargain on the roster. Sure we wont sign him long term but thats tough to do no matter who the agent.

  5. don says:

    Boras is a genius, If Pena is worth $3mil +Incentives, I’m a rocket Scientist….all you aspiring players get his phone #..
    He robs these teams (owners/gms) Rays could have got him last year for $3mil. but Boras told Friedman , Clev. wanted him for $8mil…screwing friedman for $7mil+

  6. Burn H. says:

    Hind sight is always wonderful. Looking back at the 2012′s season and all the injuries and shuffling of players, it is amazing that the team won 90 games. The pitching was amazing, but we must give credit to the position players that scratched it our day in and day out. Not a lot of big numbers and Los had a hard time trying to reach .200 avg. Did he get any protection? You always hear how he was supposed to give Longo or somebody else protection, who was there to be a threat and protect Los? He was always there for Rodney and I sure that as a leader he will be missed, his tank is still half full… Good Luck Los!

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