We already heard that the Dodgers have pegged James Shields as their top target this winter. And now we can add the Minnesota Twins to the list of teams that are at least curious about the asking price.

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, the Twins have already called the Rays asking about Shields…

We suspect the Rays will field a lot of calls on [James Shields] in the coming weeks. Whether they pull the trigger in order to obtain offense remains to be seen. With former Rays special adviser Gerry Hunsicker now in LA, the Dodgers may make a push to get Shields, but what could they give back? Ethier? It makes sense if they have their eye on Hamilton. But the Rays may not be able to carry Ethier’s contract. They have already received inquiries on Shields from the Twins.

I’m not even sure the speculation of Shields-for-Andre Ethier is even worth commenting on. Ethier, who is still owed $85 million over the next five years will make about $3 million more than Shields in 2013. So why would the Rays ever do that unless the Dodgers wanted to pay a big chunk on a contract they just gave Ethier a few months ago. Not happening.

In the meantime, it seems clear at this point that the Rays are going to get numerous offers for Shields. But will the Rays take the best package or will they hold out for their asking price (whatever that may be)?



  1. Don says:

    Is there a ML baseball team that would not be interested in shields, you have 27 more teams to Mention....
    BOSTON GLOBE?, That Red Sox's owner would give his left nut for him or maybe another $20MIL contract (like CC)....Call them Shields (Agent)

  2. Dave L says:

    Hey national media MLB writers!

    Want to know who the Rays are asking for whenever someone expresses interest in Shields? Forget about guys like Eithier. Rule of thumb- if you actually know who is he, we aren't interested

    First compile a list of the Dodger's (or Twin's or whoever fill in the blank) top 12 prospects in the organization.

    Second eliminate from that list all the high draft pick bonus babies who are on track they expected.

    See the obscure names who are left on that list?

    Thats who the Rays are asking for.

  3. Dustin says:

    Even if the Dodgers picked up 75% of Ethier's contract, why would the Rays want him over Shields? There's no universe I can think of in which the trade makes sense for the Rays.

  4. Dustin says:

    Maybe the Twins want to eat a whole lot of Mauer's contract and toss in some combination of Span and/or Willingham? Otherwise, again, it's hard to figure out the pieces that could be put together to make a deal.

  5. phil says:

    Take a look at the Rangers, Nats, Pirates and D'backs, farm system and young players there is some good talent ...Not the twins and dodgers!


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