Miguel Cabrera won the A.L. Most Valuable Player award, receiving 22 of the 28 first place votes and easily beating Mike Trout who had the other six.

Three Rays were represented in the voting, with David Price finishing the highest (12th). He appeared on five of the 28 ballots, with a third place vote, three sixth place votes, and an eighth place vote.

Fernando Rodney finished 13th, appearing on nine ballots. His highest vote was a single seventh place vote. In addition, Ben Zobrist finished 18th. It was the third time Zobrist has received votes for MVP. He finished 16th last year and 8th in 2009.

In all, this was the fourth time the Rays had three players receive votes for MVP. It was also the first time in Evan Longoria’s career that he did not receive any votes. And it was the first time since 2006 that the Rays did not have anybody in the top ten.

Here is the complete history of Rays in the MVP voting…

  • 2012 — David Price (12th), Fernando Rodney (13th), Ben Zobrist (18th)
  • 2011 — Evan Longoria (10th), Ben Zobrist (16th), James Shields (18th)
  • 2010 — Evan Longoria (6th), Carl Crawford (7th), Rafael Soriano (12th)
  • 2009 — Ben Zobrist (8th), Evan Longoria (19th)
  • 2008 — Carlos Pena (9th), Evan Longoria (11th), Jason Bartlett (18th)
  • 2007 — Carlos Pena (9th)
  • 2006 — Carl Crawford (26th)
  • 2005 — Jorge Cantu (27th)
  • 2003 — Aubrey Huff (24th)


  1. Andy says:

    How ironic that Evan received no votes this of all years. Because his value to the team was never more clear than when he finally came of the DL in August. Instantly, the Rays were a playoff contender once again!! In fact, his overall immpact on the Rays' 2012 record extrapolated to a full season computes to a difference of 24 games!!! Talk about Team Value!!!

    Cabrera deserves the MVP for his fantastic Triple Crown season. Yet, I'm disappointed no one recognized Longo's true value this year!! Guess he'll have to prove his worth in 2013 w/a banner year, provided the baseball gods allow him to stay off the DL!!!

  2. don says:

    How can you be an MVP or considered as an MVP IF you don't play....what is it... just wait till he gets back and we will be ok?
    Give me a guy who goes out there everyday and busts his ass to help us win.....
    Zobrist MVP (position player) and seems voters agree

  3. Dustin says:

    Cabrera had a great season, but there's no rational argument that has him over Trout. As for Longo, there's no award for the player that would have been most valuable had he actually played. If there was, Longoria might win it. Then again, so might Trout. If I'm not mistaken, the Angels had the best record in the AL after he was called up.


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