Some roster news for the Rays. First of all, the Rays officially announced Joel Peralta’s new contract, and it is an odd one. He will make $3 million in each of the next two seasons. In addition, the Rays have three option years (2015-17) at $2.5 million each. And none of the options have no buyouts. In other words, Peralta wanted a 2-year deal, the Rays said “fine,” but in return they get to decide how long they keep him after that without any added cost if they decided to part ways.

Also, the Rays added four minor leaguers to the 40-man roster, including infielders Tim Beckham and Hak-Ju Lee, and pitchers Enny Romero and Felipe Rivero. Adding the players to the 40-man roster makes the ineligible for the upcoming Rule 5 draft.


  • A chamber of commerce study group has concluded that the area can afford a $500 million stadium for the Rays without new taxes on local residents. []
  • As Noah Pransky points out, there are problems with the proposal. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • Marc Topkin has the Rays spring training schedule. []
  • The Rays are one of several teams that has contacted free agent Lance Berkman. [MLBTR]
  • The Diamondbacks are showing interest in Jeff Keppinger. [MLBTR]
  • And an blogger suggests Jeff Keppinger would be a good fit for the Yankees. []
  • Grant Brisbee predicts BJ Upton will sign with the Rangers for $50 million. [BaseballNation]
  • BRaysball Talk suggests a few players that could help the Rays out on offense. [BRaysballTalk]
  • Now we have talking heads predicting the Rays will finish last in 2013. [BRaysballTalk]
  • Is Greg Schiano a shoe-in for Coach of the Year? [JoeBucsFan]






  1. don says:

    What did the chamber say if the actual Stadium cost ends up being $800+ mil...who eats the extra $300 mil...guess...
    Rays probably won't finish last because of their pitching, but If no real "hitters" added..they are in trouble in the division, fight it out with the Red Sox For last...

  2. Dustin says:

    MLB trade rumors is reporting Jonny Gomes has signed with the Red Sox for $10 million over the next two years.

    • don says:

      Couldn't be happier for the guy, and to think the Rays could have had him for $1MIl., but since we have so many good hitters we didn't need him..Now the Rays get to face him 18x a year, how many times has Gomes beat the Rays to date...


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