The Rays have announced that most ticket prices will stay the same or go down. Of course, that means some (~25% of tickets) will go up. For example, the cheapest ticket in the house is now $10, up from $9. Marc Topkin has more details at


  • If you missed it last night, here is David Price being told that he won the AL Cy Young Award. [RaysIndex]
  • Here are some more quotes from David Price. []
  • And here’s a list of major awards won by Tampa Bay athletes. []
  • Will Rhymes has signed a minor league deal with the Nationals. [Washington Post]
  • If you want to know why the Rays love Jose Molina so much, read this. [BaseballProspectus]
  • The history of the Marlins payroll. Also known as “why is everybody so surprised?” [BI Sports]
  • The Hudson Valley Renegades will have a new look next year during their 20th anniversary. [PDF]
  • The Bucs offensive line is a mess. [JoeBucsFan]






  1. Drew says:

    That Molina article is nuts. Still don't like him though

  2. Beth says:

    So, with the Cy Young award...were Verlander and Weaver also standing by microphones at their stadiums waiting to hear this announcement? Seems kind of cruel.


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