We’ve had a few people bring to our attention this weekend a Rays 2008 AL Championship ring that is currently up for auction on eBay. Most want to know: a) is it real?; b) whose ring is it?

First of all, it is not a player’s ring. Coincidentally, we wrote about the various rings that were produced back in February after Matt Garza had his ring stolen.

In total, the Rays had 480 rings produced. The one in question on eBay appears to be one of the $5,000 rings that were given to front office employees that had been with the team since the beginning. If you zoom in one of the pictures, you can see the name of the employee on the side of the ring.

I’m not expert on ring forgeries. But if you want to own a real AL Championship ring, this might be your chance. But just know it is not a player’s ring.


  • David Price won that PGA Pro-Am event we mentioned late last week. Here’s a video of Price being interviewed at the tourney. [TampaBay.com]
  • Not surprisingly, the Rays are one of many teams that have spoken with Torii Hunter’s agent. [LA Times]
  • Here’s another national writer that just assumes that the Rays will trade a pitcher, writing “That the Rays will trade a starter this winter seems like a given.” Anybody that is paying attention, or read just a single quote from Andrew Friedman knows this is not a “given.” Could the Rays trade a pitcher? Sure. But the Rays love to hoard starting pitchers, and if they don’t get the right asking price, they will be more than happy to keep all of the pitchers. [NBCSports]
  • The Rays do not want Joel Peralta to play in the World Baseball Classic. [TampaBay.com]
  • One Phillies writer does not want BJ Upton. [DelcoTimes.com]
  • Mark McGwire says he would not vote for himself for the Hall of Fame. [BI Sports]
  • Josh Freeman is quietly have a very good season, and the Bucs are right in the middle of the playoff race. [JoeBucsFan]






  1. don says:

    If Rays DON"T trade a pitcher and signs More Pena, Scott Roberts,Molina types Just get out the White towels...close to what Custer should have done...just give up Andrew...but hold on to your business principles(practices)....so far its got you Into the Playoffs..maybe thats ALL you want.....OK....
    Wished I owned that team with Wall Street money coming in everyday, Profit on my baseball team would be 2nd....winning a WS would be #1...He could have done that already with the players he let get away...

    • Nick says:

      Don, every year there are 29 teams that do not win the World Series. I am very happy with where the ownership and management team has brought this team. It may not be all the sexy names but did that ultimatley help NY, Boston, Detroit, Texas, LAA, LAD, or many other teams win. Get a grip! Who are you to demand that Stew spend his income from any other bussiness to prop up the Rays. Does spending more guarantee sucess? How did Pat Burell help us, Carlos Pena, Luke Scott? Be happy for once in your Rays fan life. Assuming you actually are one. I have read your crap for 4 or 5 years now. What exactly would it take for you to be happy, just once. If the Rays win the world series with out raising the payroll would that be good enough. Perhaps that would not make you happy because they did not spend more. This is what will make me happy. The Rays have a season, good enough to get to the post season. They get hot at the right time and win the World Series, at any payroll level. Now the part that will really make me happy, ready! Don you are so impressed by this you post 1 positive comment then take 2 months off from posting anything at all!

      • Don says:

        Boy, your a windy ole devil,look some people are happy,with "mediocre",
        Your post projects this in you, I'm not, do you think 2 months off will help? is this positive?

        • Nick says:

          Not having to see a post from you for 2 months would be positive to me!

        • Rob says:

          By definition, over the last 5 years the Rays have not been mediocre, which means average or ordinary. To be average over that span, the Rays would need to have played .500 baseball. However, they are 458-352, which is 106 games better than mediocre.

  2. don says:

    Couldn't say any better myself so I just copied itt.............."Upton is not worthy of the $80 million he’ll demand on the open market. You know, however, that Amaro is waiting to write the check.

    The Phillies do not need a career .255 hitter who got on base at a (gulp!) .298 clip this past season. They do not need a player who has averaged 155 strikeouts the past six seasons. Upton, at this stage in his woefully underachieving career, doesn’t deserve the contract he’ll ultimately receive.

    So, say no to B.J. Upton this November."

    I’m Matt Smith, and I approve this message.

  3. Dave L says:

    Nobody bit on the Auction. So maybe it gets another crack. Can't blame anyone for selling anything in this economy.

    I would possibly buy it if the price was low enough but then what the hell would I do with it?

    Couldn't make out a name on any pictures? I thought maybe Willie to make bail? Ouch sorry he earned it that year.


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