From the same Danny Knobler story we discussed earlier, comes even more evidence that Jeremy Hellickson is the most likely starting pitcher to be traded. And not susprisingly, Wade Davis‘ name is also mentioned…

The Rays have suggested to teams that they don’t want to trade either Price or James Shields. They’ve suggested that they’d rather deal Wade Davis, or Jeremy Hellickson, or perhaps even Matt Moore.

This is more than just a few of us speculating what the Rays will do. This is the what other teams are sensing after talking with the Rays. Of course, none of this means the Rays won’t trade James Shields or David Price. But it does tell us what the Rays would prefer to do.

Also, it should not be surprising to see Wade Davis’ name involved. This could actually be one of the more interesting subplots this winter as it will be the last chance the Rays have to trade Big Dub to a team that wants him as a starting pitcher. Of course, the Rays will place a price tag on Davis as if he were still a starting pitcher. And other teams will only want to pay as if he is a reliever. It will be interesting to see if the Rays will be willing to compromise and meet a team in the middle.

As for Moore, it would not be surprising if he is being dangled just as a tease. If other teams see how much it would cost for Moore — let’s say A+B+C+D — it might make the pricetage for Hellickson — let’s say A+B+C — seem easier to swallow.



  1. J 2.0 says:

    You do not trade Matt Moore. The sky is the limit for this kid and we have him under contract for the next 7 years. I personally would trade price. He's going to get a boatload in arbitration and we won't have him after next year anyways. If you can get Wil Myers or Jurrickson Profar for Price and sign either one to a Matt Moore/Evan Longoria type deal.

    • Ken says:

      Technically we have Price through the 2015 season. Yes he will be very expensive during the 2014 & 2015 seasons, but the Rays TV revenue increases by $25M starting in 2014. So the Rays may be willing to go year to year with Price, thus minimizing the risk of wasted salary if he injures his arm. However, if we could get a starting SS, C, 1B and minor league pitcher (are you listening KC?) for Price, I would trade him in a minute!

  2. Beth says:

    If the Rays trade Matt Moore this offseason I will shave my head and wear bunny slippers to work.

    We know that the Rays keep things very close, and in all my years of being a Rays fan, or should I say in the Sternberg-Friedman years of being a Rays fan, I've never seen a national sports journalist correctly predict their moves. Remember the trade for Jason Bay in 2008? Weren't both BJ Upton and James Shields already traded the past two July 30ths?

    So why take any of this seriously? Is there any reason to believe that Danny Knobler has had an off the record, heart to heart with Friedman? And he's just reading tea leaves like the rest of us, who cares?

  3. Dustin says:

    Of course, to sign either player to a Longoria-type deal, you'd have to get them to agree to one, which seems unlikely. There's a reason why there aren't very many Longo-type deals out there: most really good players want to get paid what the market thinks they're worth. Longo did the Rays a huge favor when he inked that contract. Maybe the Rays have some kind of magic that'll work on other players, too, but I'd not bank on it.

    • Beth says:

      The way a Longo or Moore type contract works toward everyone's benefit is -- you offer it when the player is at the cusp of success. Longo appears to have done the Rays a favor, but if he has a few more injury-filled seasons, it will look very different. I'm certainly not hoping for this, but the point is, both Moore and Longo signed when there were about 22 and had only had a brief taste of the majors - I believe Longo's deal was inked days after he was called up for the first time! The player takes a chance that he will outplay his contract. The team takes the chance that he'll get hit by a bus the next day and never play again.

      Those deals are quickly off the table after ROY and Cy Young seasons, so neither Hellickson nor Price could possibly be signed long term at this point.


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