It is looking more and more like the Diamondbacks will trade Justin Upton. And according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Rays are one of the teams actively trying to acquire BJ’s brother…

Strong feeling here Justin Upton will be dealt. Rangers a frontrunner. Watch Rays…wanted to move quickly…Rangers, Rays were strongest early players for Upton.

Clearly Upton is a talented player that would immediately upgrade the Rays’ offense if he is healthy. This past season he battle a hand injury that limited him to just 17 home runs. He still hit .280, but his wOBA was down from .385 in 2011 when he hit 31 home runs, to .341 this past season.

Of course, from the Rays point of view, the bigger issue is the contract. Upton is still owed $38.5 million over the next three season. However, his 2013 salary of $9.75 is probably something the Rays can work with. It is the $14.25 million in 2014 and the $14.5 million in 2015 that are worrisome.

That contract would be a lot easier to handle if the Diamondbacks were willing to pay $5 million in each of the final two years. Of course, if Arizona is going to throw in cash, they will want better players in return. And it will also bring more bidders to the table.

As it is, the Red Sox are one team that is expected to get involved, even though they may be on Upton’s no-trade list.



  1. Gus says:

    As someone who was in the RF seats a couple of years back watching Justin loaf through a game so badly that the manager (Gibson I think) yanked him off the field, I'd be a little worried about Justin. Maybe he'd grow out of it like BJ did, he's still pretty young.

    I prefer Matt Joyce as the everyday RF and spend your $ elsewhere. But the Rays front office infatuation with the Upton family apparently knows no bounds, and maybe this is a play for BJ to accept the tender and play with Justin for a few years. Two Uptons wouldn't be boring; it could be great; it might be infuriating.

  2. CRRaysHead90 says:

    3-team trade?

    • phil says:

      with the Phillies (DBacks and Rays) Rays get from the phillies Tommy Joseph C and a young mlb ready OFer from the dbacks; dbacks gets Shields and Phils get Justin Upton

  3. don says:

    Please, horses from the same family have many of the same
    characteristics (genes) can I please have one (1) year without looking at the lineup without the name "Upton", the Rays will have plenty of time to sign one of them when they are "overthe hill" for a $1mil or so....thank you

  4. Alex says:

    Justin has harnessed his talent already. BJ never did.

    Maybe a trade based around Hellickson + prospects = J Upton + Cash?

  5. KT says:

    I'd love it if we got (this) Upton. I think I remember an article that said that the Yanks and the Red Sox were both on his no-trade list but that the Rays were not.

    • Greg says:

      Players often put New York, Chicago, LA and Boston on their no-trade list as a ploy to get some extra cash in a deal from big-market teams. He probably has no problem going there.

  6. Dave L says:

    This doesn't smell right.

    Its like we get him 1 year for 9 million then next year he's basically making BJ money.

    I read the ESPN where he's building the desert mansion in Ariz. He just had some nagging injuries he's playing through I dont get why they are trying to unload him?

    This doesnt seem like something the Rays would go for. Im with Rayshead on the 3 way if we are involved at all.


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